Sambor Czarnota became a father. Mata Dąbrowska was born


That Sambora Czarnota's companion, Marta Dąbrowska, is pregnant, the couple informed less than two months ago when pictures of the baby shower appeared on the Dąbrowska profile in the social media. Even then, it seemed that the boy would reach the world. Now, this information has been confirmed because the actor was just born.

Sambor Czarnota and Marta Dąbrowska are parents

Sambor Czarnota and his partner have not yet shown their baby on the net, but in an interview with the magazine "Empire", the actor confirmed that their son was born in the world. The boy was probably called Jaś, something suggested by one of the comments about Instagram Dąbrowska. This is the first child of an active couple.

"We accept congratulations, but I would rather not discuss this issue because it is a very fresh topic," Czarnota said in a weekly conversation.

Congratulations to your newborn parents.


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