Wednesday , June 16 2021

Registration – two thousand runners at the 6th PKO Independence Run in Rzeszów. Most participated in a charity event [ZDJĘCIA]

The PKO Niepodległości lesson in Rzeszów refers clearly to the history of our country, but at the same time every year it creates the history of sport in the region. Every year, more and more people gather at the beginning. This time, more than 2,000 people went on the way. There has never been a struggle with such participation in Podkarpacie.

As they ran into the century of independence, the participants of the fight sang the Polish national anthem before the start. Inspired by Irena Zięba and Adrian Grądziel, new singers from the center of vocal art in Rzeszów.

After this extraordinary moment, the launch pistols went to Alexander Pula, manager of the Corporate Macroregion PKR Bank Polski in Lublin, and Andrzej Gutkowski, Vice-President of Rzeszów. The gentlemen gave fire and the river of people went in the way. After a while at Al. Rejtana formed an impressive, lively flag, because a thousand people wore white and thousands of red shirts.

– The crowd was wonderful and a nice, positive action was created – said Matilda Kowal, double Olympian, who took second place. – I did it very well. Although the last straight hit the wind wall, it was generally great. I feel like I won because I was the best Polish – smiling handsome athlete Resovia.

Fighting the ending with men

A few days before the event, the contest's favorites were runners and runners from Kenya. Eventually, they did not reach Rzeszów. Strong runners across the eastern side appeared in place. Among the winning ladies was Waleria Zinenko.

– I have run only Piatka Rzeszów so far. The Execution of Independence made me great impression. The route is very nice, and the weather, in addition to the wind, blowing some places steadily. Report that the body was very good. I will definitely return to Rzeszów and now I am preparing for a European cross-country championship – added a runner from Ivano-Frankivsk.

See the collection

In the anxiety of men there was a rare thing – a struggle in the end. In the end, Dmytro Didowodiuk, who defeated Ruslana Sauczuk for the second time, remained the last in the last few meters. Both gentlemen are also residents of the former Stanisławów.

– I have been running in Poland for 5 years and in Rzeszów for the third time. Good course, fast track, everything is well prepared. This is the end of the season for me – said the triumpher.

They helped Michał

Traditionally, there has also been a charity event – "I'm running for …". This time, runners helped 10-year-old Michał (suffers from cerebral palsy, in Germany it is for hip surgery). In action, he took every runner that offered a piece in the shirt with the inscription "I'm running for Michał". Now the foundation of PKO Bank Polski will donate to the boy.

– The runners did not disappoint. The cards fled quickly. Running, engagement, the number of participants is something that accumulates. Everyone was celebrating the anniversary of the restoration of independence and helped the sick boy, incidentally, – said Alexander Pula.

Who wants to help collect money for Michał's operation can make a donation to his "Zdążyć z Pomocą" account. Account No. 42 2490 0005 0000 4600 7549 3994 and the title of the transport: "10346 Niemczyk Michał, donation for health assistance and protection".


men, 1. Dydulouk (30:45), 2. Soutsouk (30:46, both IwaonoFrankiwsk), 3. Robert Glovala (31:36, GKS Wilga Garwolin), 4. Patrik Marzalez (32:09, Resovia) … 6. Andrzej Szpunar (33:43, KM PSP Rzeszów), 8. Damian Kic (34:02, GUKLA Bratkowice), 10. 497 Dawid Hartleb (34:28, Jarosławska Biegowa Falcon)?

women, 1. Zinenko (35:52, Ivano-Frankivsk), 2. Matylda Kowal (38:41, runRzeszów), 3. Katarzyna Kargol (38:52, Resovia), 4. Gerard Godek (39:37, Górno) Monika Wagrin (40:30, Tiki Taka Kolbuszowa), 6. Katarzyna Szepieniec (42:28, Rzeszow Gazele and Cheetardy), 7. Patrycja Surowiec (42:29, Resovia), 8. Elżbieta Witek (43:54, Baryczka ), 9. Monika Zielonka (44:01, Monika Lipiny Dolne), 10. Joanna Majewska (44:24, Rzeszów, PGE RUN).

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