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Pin – Wach: when is the 2018 match? TIME, TICKETS, WHERE [Knockout Boxing Night]


Szpilka - Wach Race 2018. WHEN, WHERE, TICKETS
Author: Andrzej Iwanczuk REPORTER EAST NEWS

The fight of Szpilka – Wach is one of the hottest conflicts in 2018! When do the players go through the gloves? Where will it be and how to buy tickets? Check the details about

Szpilka – Wach Race 2018: when. time. where and tickets, this is the most important information you will find here. TheAlek Szpilka – Wach 2018 is definitely a top class when it comes to all the races throughout the year. Both players have a lot of respect for each other, for a long time they had to be persuaded to go through the gloves. The fight two former candidates for the title of world heavyweight champion, however, has something to explain!

Walka Szpilka – Wach: live broadcast. Which KnockOut Boxing Night 5 station in Gliwice?

Szpilka – Wach fight 2018: when

When you fight Szpilka Wach 2018; The conflict will take place on the second weekend of November. The players will be in the ring on November 10th!

Szpilka – Wach 2018: Where is the fight?

Where match Szpilka – Wach November 10, 2018; The fight will take place during KnockOut Boxing Night # 5 in Gliwice. The event will see a full range of viewers at the Arena's kiosks there.


The fight of Szpilka – Wach: the time at which

What time match Szpilka Wach; time the conflict has not been confirmed, but looking at the KnockOut Boxing Night # 5 battle card, you can expect the top players in Poland to enter the ring at around 23:00.

Szpilka – Wach 10/11/2018: tickets

Tickets to fight Szpilka – Wach, that is, you can buy the entire gala on the website. What are the prices? Tickets still available:

  • Tribunes – 120 PLN
  • Plate – 150 PLN
  • Tribunes – 170 PLN
  • Plate – 200 PLN
  • Tribunes – PLN 230
  • Plate – 250 PLN

You can also buy the last tickets next to the ring itself: from 500-1500 PLN.

KnockOut Boxing Night 2018 – gala

On Nov. 10, at Knockout Boxing Night # 5, fans will see the most important 2018 battles in Polish rings. In the Gliwice Arena boxing there will be a clash between two former candidates for the title of heavyweight champion Artur Szpilka and Mariusz Wach. In addition to the match of the evening, we will see Maciej Sulęcki and Ewa Piątkowska's duel for defending the WBC World Champion title with Ornella Domini.

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