Wednesday , October 20 2021

Pin – Wach. Artur Szpilka rose from the boards and defeated Mariusz Wach for points


After an exciting match of the evening, Artur Szpilka beat unevenly the points of Mariusz Wach at the "Knockout Boxing Night" gala in Arena Gliwice. In the last round of "Szpil" was on the boards, but stood up and clearly froze, managed to reach the final gong. After reading the verdict, there were riots in the ring, and "Szpila" was about to enter into a spree.

The fight started very promising. Wach from the beginning tried to push Szpilka, working with the active left. Szpilka, on the other hand, was very focused and answered with his right hand, adding the left sickle. At the end of the opening clash few were missing and Wach would grab the right counter of his opponent. – Suspend – Andrzej Grawczyk, coach of "Szpil" demanded, paying attention to the item, which both worked hard during the preparations.

In the second round, Wach initially abandoned his front-hand activity, hunting for the right stroke. Szpilka, on the other hand, was very mobile and brought a good left sickle twice. At half-point, "Wiking" closed his favorite in the corner for the first time, but Arthur quickly moved away from the problem, leading to a wedge. At one point during the right combination that fell to the bottom of Szpilka's jaw, it seemed that under the KnockOut Promotions team the legs were slightly bumpy but the 29-year-old quickly returned.

The third round started with a good left Wach, but Szpilka responded with an equally successful hit. The "Szpil" corner, however, required constantly being hit, realizing that the "Wiking" jaw was made of granite. Artur was very active, and Mariusz gave the impression that he was just upgraded. He just fired shortly after the gong, when the strikes of the Szpila struggle hit another blow and it was necessary to get in between boxer Judge Leszek Jankowiak.

The fourth round began with a strong exchange when Szpilka took two strong blows. Wach tried to fight harder, but Arthur replied in an impressive combination. At one point wieliczanin shot a very sly left hook, but was deprived of precision. Intentional, Wach hurried to the opponent and, having problems, returned to his old sin, he threw his hands. "Szpila", however, responded to Wach's attack and both turned the audience to the most impressive round so far.

– You have to sit in it, leave his hands more and more – his coach, Piotr Wilczewski said during the break in Wacha.

Krakowian took these words to the heart, led Szpilka to the corner, but no hits. The length of the two measures gave the field to the opponent and after a while tries to cut the ring, but "Szpila" came back from the problem, bringing the race to the middle of the ring where it could feel the safer. The "paintings" smelled the last ten seconds when the right Wacha Szpilka was clearly flowing. He leaned a little and could not get anymore, then he responded to the left and came out of the problem.

The second half of the fight for ten rounds began with a slightly quieter pace, but one minute before the end of Wach finally showed with his right hand and the old demons of Szpilka returned. A Wieliczka boxer suddenly left his hands in a completely irresponsible way and lost a duel at his request. During the break, Andrzej Gmitruk fell from his way to bring the classroom to his revolutionary protector.

The coach's rebuke resulted in Szpilka regaining concentration and started the next installment very vigorously, successfully folding combinations 2-3 hits and scoring the opponent. Wach tried to look for his right chin and did not run enough to jump him into the hook of the hook. However, Artur, apart from a moment, did not let himself be injured.

Wacha "Szpila" inertia used for the first minute of the eighth round, perfect jump to the opponent and skilfully enters the half distance, eliminating the weaknesses in the natural conditions. Easter Wacha made one of the easiest three minutes of this match for the referee.

The right down and right chin Wacha lived in his corner, but even Pin was a difficult target for the opponent. Newer for a decade, wieliczanin played "Viking", which seemed to be deprived of the prerequisite to maintain the intensity of the start of the duel. The exchange of funds began in the last few seconds on the ropes, "Szpila" picked up a powerful hit, but when he broke the gong, the boxers were sharply split by Judge Leszek Jankowiak.

The last round began with much of Wach's activity, who "turned" his legs and began chasing Pin in the ring. "Wiking" knew that probably only a knockout would allow him to set up this fight for him. And for one minute before the end Wach caught Szpilka with a powerful right bang from above, sending his opponent to the boards. "Szpila" grew and the last 40 seconds was based solely on the character, but Wach did not intend to let go, but he put an enticing punch on the jaws of a console. The characteristic Szpilka, totally dazed, by some miracle survived in the final gong and won a valuable victory with the 2-1 ratio of the referees.

The judges ruled 97:93 Szpilka, 93:96 Wach and 95:94 Szpilka, and in the room there were whistles, expressing the disapproval of the parts of the stands for the verdict. The duel was so headed that it seemed obligatory to take revenge.


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