Monday , January 18 2021

Microsoft took over the Obsidian Entertainment and inxile Entertainment :: Studios

Mixed emotions. During Saturday's flow of X018, Microsoft officially announced that it has launched two famous development studios, Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment. Teams will now create new games, mainly on the platform of the American owner of the Xbox brand. The announcement, however, has provoked a lot of controversy, which is generally unavoidable in these cases.

Obsidian and inXile will join the Microsoft Studios group, which has recently expanded on Forza Horizon Game Play Games and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. The new owner ensures that teams are highly independent and can develop new games in peace. In addition, all the titles announced by the studios before the acquisition will be completed and will be released on the platform announced so far.

When fans of Xbox enjoy the change, computers have many doubts about this acquisition. This is because both Obsidian and inXile, in recent years, have created strict PC RPG games, which eventually landed on consoles after some time. Many titles have been funded by the community, which has some influence on their development. It is not surprising that the acquisition of Microsoft has caused a lot of concern to many players.

A special issue is how the company from Redmond intends to issue new titles Obsidian and inXile. It's no secret that the company is trying to promote its store at any cost at the expense of Steam or GOG, spending only the majority of domestic production on it. You can rest assured that none of the new games of these developers will have a version for Linux, which for many is definitely a very unfortunate information. However, time will tell if the fears were correct and if Microsoft really meets its promises.

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