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Margarita grabbed? The singer owned a ring …


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There is an image on the network where Margarita can see and a beautiful ring on her finger. Commitment; ?)

Daisy is one of those artists who do not say much about her private life, let alone the dilemmas of her love. For some time, however, we know the singer is in a happy relationship with the musician and songwriter, six years older than himself, Piotr Kozieradzki. The 33 year old for most of you may be better known as KaCeZet.

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A photo appeared in the music profile, which shows that lovers have decided to do tattoos for themselves. Piotr has the inscription "# megi", and Margaret "@kacezet". However, this is not all. Singer at your InstaStory put a photo on which exposes the ring very well. There are many indications that this is related to the jamthat have recently taken place. Officially, however, no one confirms it.

Margarita boasts the InstaStory ring
Author: InstaStory / screen
Margarita boasts the InstaStory ring

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