Monday , September 20 2021

for BET Włókniarz Częstochowa finished assembly for the 2019 season. What will the "Lions" compete in Ekstralidze?

BET Włókniarz Częstochowa completed the completion of the basic warehouse for the next season. The team was strengthened in two positions – Polish upper and lower.

Paweł Przedpełski will become a new superior in Włókniarz colors. Toruńan will replace Tobias Musielak, who failed last season to meet Częstochowa's expectations. Przedpełski is a great competitor, but the last few seasons were not very successful for him. Now the student of the Toruń club followed the steps of Adrian Miedziński and will try to rebuild under Jasna Gora.

The new junior at Włókniarz will be Jakub Miśkowiak, who last year led to the first division, being one of the top new players in the back of Ekstraliga. Miśkowiak is to solve the problem of the second precious inferior. Last year, Michał Gruchalski made progress, but in a less hesitant way he lost the equal partner. Bartosz Świącik showed well during the training, but he burns mentally during the Ekstralidze races. The other youngsters who led the league did not lose their opponents for the whole season.

Damian Dróżdż is the third new face of the team, although he is an adopted Włokniarz child, but in recent times he started with the colors of the club from Wroclaw. Dróżdż is going to perform the operation of group reserve no. 8 or 16 in the event of injury to one of the main players. Besides, as a "guest" is going to fight in the second part of PŻŻ Poznań.

Włokniarz also signed a contract with the 17-year-old Ukrainian, Vitaly Koval. However, it will not be taken into account in the organization of the series and the signing of the contract with Częstochowa club will give him the opportunity to borrow in another club.

The violinist of the new season will also be represented by team leaders: Leon Madsen, Fredrik Lindgren, Matej Zagar and Adrian Miedziński. Important agreements with the club also have juniors: Adrian Woźniak, Adrian Bialk and Mateusz Świdnicki.

As we have managed to find out, the sponsor of the club will be for the BET. The contract is due to be signed in the coming days.

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