Football. It may be a black horse in Seefeld. The outbreak of a large form is not a coincidence


Kamil Stoch and Ryoyu Kobayashi seem to be almost a Candidate for the World Championship Medal. In Innsbruck, 24-year-old Swiss Killian Peier is also in excellent shape and in each of his previous four jumps at Bergisel he was on the podium. In training sessions were 1st, 2nd and 2nd respectively, and Friday's title ended third. In Switzerland, it is said that unexpectedly the country has the opportunity for the first World Cup medal after many years of break, because last time the World Championship in jumps won Andreas Kuettel, who won the wind competition in Liberec in 2009. Then , the last medal in his career was also attended by Martin Horngacher Martin Schmitt.

Bergisel is the jump of skiing

The Bergisel ski jump is clearly with a new Swiss ski hawk. It was on January 4, 2019 that he scored the best result of his career. Peier took seventh place, which is still the best result of the Swiss competitor. The results from all the rows of jumps given by Helwet in Bergisel show that the jumper is in this somewhat futuristic setup and Saturday can play the role of the World Cup black horse.

Everything changed after the games

The target for the 1995 birth was the Olympics in Pyongsang. Unfortunately, it turned out that Peiera's form was so weak that coach Ronny Hornschuch did not decide to call him for representation. – It was like a strong punch on the face. He felt very bad but chose the right conclusions – said Swiss media Sylvian Freiholz, a jumper and winner of a bronze medal from the Trondheim World Cup competition in 1997. Peier after the Olympic Games played twice more in Lahti and Oslo and then decided to complete the period prematurely. He realized that his worst disadvantage is his weak mentality and the inability to deal with anxiety. – What about the fact that I think I am a jumble with great potential, how can I not use it – I will thank the trainer.

The revolution was already seen in the summer because Killian Peier won the three rounds of the Summer Continental Cup and stayed twice on the podium in the summer Grand Prix. Experts, however, said that in the winter everything will return to normal and Peier will not be so strong anymore. This season, however, showed something different, and the jumper already gained 339 points. His equal and steady form says much that scored 18 times and five times in the top ten.

The handball coach is behind the change

Two people support the transformation of Kilian Peier. This is coach of the national team Ronny Hornschuch, but also Othmar Buholzer, who collaborated with Killian Peier for the last semester. Peier calls him his personal psychic trainer who cares about the player's mental state. During the season, the jumper speaks to his coach at least once a week, and every two weeks he meets for a type of healing session. Sam Buholzer has a lot of experience in sports, although he does not come from winter sports but from the soccer ball (he was still the coach of the U-21 team, which in 2003 ranked 6th in the World Championship). For years, Buholzer has also trained for the mental development of athletes, and on the Internet you can also find his lectures on athletic training.

– I wanted to find my own way, but I was not stable enough. I needed Othmar to get to know myself better – Peier said about – If Kilian had learned earlier to put his strengths and weaknesses, he would not have had so many difficulties, but he came with time – his coach national team claims Ronny Hornschuch.

The departure from the Ammann team awoke Peier

But it seems that the most important change in the Swiss team was the division between the team headed by Ronny Hornschuch and Simon Ammann, who started the training with Roger Cameron. – I'm such a slider. We go to the same contest, we eat and sleep in the same place, but we are actually two teams – says Kamber for Swiss journalists have argued in recent years that the main problem of the Swiss jumps is the insistence of Simon Ammann, which is related to the search for equipment that will give him such an advantage as the Vancouver Olympics. It was Ammann who paid great attention and also spent huge money on his need to seek innovation.

Like the big gentlemen

The Swiss media immediately found a comparison with Simon Ammann. Peier, like the four-time Olympic gold medalist and Andreas Kuettel, has a partner outside of Switzerland. If Ammann's wife is a Russian woman and Kuettela is Polish, the young girl Peiera comes from Finland. The summer jumper also decided to change something in his life and moved from the homeland of Trachsla and settled in Einsiedeln. Soon, a girl who has completed his studies in Helsinki must attend.

Kilian Peier before the 2018/2019 season, began to pay more attention to his weight. Reduce chocolate and other sweets, thanks to which he lost two pounds, Now jumps to skis less than 2 cm and is easier to check.

Jump on alpine skiing

Ammann's departure from the main team allowed Hornshuch to concentrate on working with his team and the winnings came immediately. Peier himself was very different from the summer preparations and began to demand more attention from his instructor. – With Simon in the team we are too passive – says the jumper. At the beginning of the preparations Peier analyzed the style of most of his rivals with the trainer and decided to get something from everyone. An example for Pierre was, for example, Robert Johanson, who holds his hands a long distance. Switzerland has decided to do something similar, although it is not as aggressive as the Norwegian.

In the summer, the German coach decided to introduce some modifications to the Killian Peier style and this immediately brought a positive result. The arm entry position has been slightly modified and the hip position has improved at the threshold exit. It is supposed to translate into maintaining a higher speed in flight, with Kamil Stoch, for example, struggling for almost the entire winter. It turns out that Ronny Hornschuch decided to work on the K50 hill at Einsiedeln and his jumpers (including Peier) jumped into alpine skiing … Thanks to the smaller boards, the jumpers had the opportunity to put a quick fit on the flight. this in fact allows lower speeds. In the summer, Peier's ability was also observed by Fischer, which offered him an individual contract, so the jumper had the opportunity to acquire a better and more equipped equipment.

The great results of Killian Peier in training jumps before the World Cup competition, however, bring strong emotional luggage. One can only wonder if during the Saturday's contest the young jumper will withstand the pressure he himself de facto has imposed on himself excellent training efforts. If, however, he jumps to his normal level, the Swiss can look forward to the first in a decade.

The first World Championship competition on Saturday at 2.30. Link to, broadcast to Eurosport.


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