Wednesday , February 24 2021

Eva Farna showed her mother. The photo has divided the fans

"Perfect mum" – wrote Ewa Farna in the photo in which her mother's singer was presented. The woman wears a black t-shirt with the words "I love Eva Farna". And this inscription has caused the concern of many Internet users.

Friends of the stars decided to fix the mistake – according to them – a changed name for the clothes. "Yes" I love Ewa Farna, "I only love Ewa Farna" – commented.

"" Farna "is right, I know the variation of my surname, it is selective, as well as" black "- the singer doubted.

The words of the singer are confirmed by Professor Maciej Malinowski, a linguist from the Pedagogical University named KEN in Krakow. "Any doubts in this matter disappear when we learn that the father and his 17-year-old singer brother are called Tadeusz Farny and Adam Farny. This is the fact that the female name" Farna " adjectively changes: (who, what) »Farna"(To whom, why)"Farna"(Who, what)"Farna"(With whom, with whom)"Farna"(Who for whom) for »Farna"- we read on the linguist's website.

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