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Doctors answer Nietzscheski. “He spat in our face once again”, “You broke up with barbed wire”


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What kind of increases do doctors expect? The resident explains with her example

On Tuesday, representatives of the striking health workers did not appear at the meeting with the Minister of Health. As they have been emphasizing for several days, they also want Prime Minister Matthew Morawiecki to take part in the talks. Adam Niedzielski said that the absence of doctors at the meeting meant “a certain timidity when it comes to having a meaningful conversation”.

Healthcare workers protest in Warsaw.  Protesters arrive at the prime minister's office, where police prevent the establishment of a white cityThe protesting doctors did not appear at the meeting with Nietzscheski

Doctors protest. “You were scared”

Representatives of the protesters responded to the words of the Minister of Health during the press conference. As they stressed, the Ministry of Health should be a place of dialogue, while the invitation to Tuesday’s meeting was “an invitation to a monologue” and “another attempt to pacify the medical community.”

– We are not afraid. (…) You were scared. You separated yourself with barbed wire and did not want to let us get to the point where we were planning to break the “white city”. “As citizens of this country, we are outraged that the authorities are being separated from the citizens by the police, barricades at the gates,” said Krystyna Ptok. – We stand here and now. Mr. Minister, Mr. Prime Minister, we invite you to the “white city” – added the president of the Polish National Union of Nurses and Midwives.

A spokesman for Biały Miasteczko 2.0 noted that the minister’s words had offended him. – Once again the minister decided to spit in our faces. I am not afraid of these words. Once again, the minister showed that doctors are not important. The Minister and the Prime Minister decided that something was more important than protecting the health of Polish women and Poles. We do not agree with that. We will be here until the government makes health protection a priority, said Gilbert Kolbe.

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