Thursday , April 15 2021

Battlegrounds of Playerunknown and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 for free! There is only one but …

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Piotr Urbaniak

… only on Xbox One. Yes, Microsoft has decided to make it available for free Battlegrounds of the known player and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 all the owners of their current console. The reasons for this decision are not clear, but most likely related to the X018 fanatical party taking place on November 10-11. We also know you have to hurry because offers are limited in time.

September 4 of this year PUBG on Xbox, left Early Access and, as you know, Microsoft paid the creator for temporary exclusivity. Now rumors are circulating that much of Royale's battle will soon be coming to PlayStation 4. Maybe that's why the Redmond company wants to increase the base of the players. The theme of free PES-a 2019 remains covered in a mysterious aura (it's likely that it's all about free fun at some time).

In any case, the duration of the offer is equally mysterious. Microsoft says only that it is "limited", possibly limited in time. Question: What does the company intend to do for players who decided to pay $ 29.99 when production was still commercially available? Recently, the environment of players, criticizing massively Shadow of Tomb Raider for a very quick discount, he categorically showed that he does not like it very much when the toys are cheaper too fast. The first buyers feel cheated then. Meanwhile, here we are dealing with an even more extreme situation, namely to make production completely free.

In any case, if you have Xbox One and have not yet bought any of the items you give off, then it is definitely worthwhile to take advantage of the offer. In the end – as some classical saying says – if they give, it takes place. Both games are in the official store.

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