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Basketball 3×3. The victorious tortures of the Poles with Estonia


The Polish national team in basketball 3×3 started the European championship with a victory over Estonia (20:18). However, it was not a spectacular match on the part of the White and Reds.


National Polish 3x3

Press materials / FIBA ​​/ In the photo: the Polish national 3×3

The Polish national team – consisting of Przemysław Zamojski, Szymon Rduch, Paweł Pawłowski and Łukasz Diduszko – was to start the 3×3 European Basketball Championship at 4:30 pm (against Slovenia). However, this did not happen due to the unclear results of coronavirus tests on opponents.

As a result, Biało-Czerwoni entered the game a few hours later – at 22:30 and their opponent was the Estonians. Peter Renkiel’s players entered this match a little better than their opponents, but soon had a lot of problems – both in defense and attack. The point, however, is that Estonia did not set the bar high, so the Poles could still fight for victory.

Eventually they took the victory away, although it was not easy. At 15:15, Pavlovsky was ahead with 17:15 with 1 + 1 action. After a while he shot from behind the bow and it was 19:15. In 3×3 basketball, however, it is not a significant advantage and the Polish team found it again.

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The Estonians in their possession approached at 19:18, when the Poles came under pressure in the last seconds. Zamoski then took the ball and after a very difficult action scored a valuable point. Opponents failed to respond to his performance, so the Polish national team started the European Championship with a triumph.

Zamoski and Pavlovsky scored seven points for Biano-Cervonich. Diduszko added six. On Saturday, the Poles will play the overdue match against Slovenia (17:00). The bar will definitely rise higher.

The victory with Estonia is important because the group consisting of three teams brings the Poles closer to the quarterfinals.

Poland – Estonia 20:18
Zamozski 7, Pavlovsky 7, Didusko 6

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