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All favorites in Biedronka! Since when did you make new mascots? REGULATIONS, Mascot Photos, NAMES. New sweetened Biedronka 25 08

Biedronka Słodziaków Gang 2019. On Monday 26 August a new version of the "Godz Słodziaków – Magiczny Portal" campaign in the Biedronka store chain was launched. The campaign is being promoted under the slogan "Get ready, because something magical is coming to Biedronka". The new action, where customers can buy luxury mascots while shopping in Biedronka, will start on August 26 and run until November 17! What are the terms of the offer? How to get GANG SWEETS 25 08 19?

Sweet Biedronka! Since when did you make new mascots?

The new Biedronka Loyalty Campaign will start on August 26th, ie Monday.

The Sweetie Gang – which stuffed animals will you be able to collect? NAME OF SWEETS

The Sweetie Gang is a group of stuffed animals. The mascots available in this release include:

  • Bartek hat,
  • Nicodemus the bat
  • woodpecker Dominic,
  • Chania rolls,

and six young men:

  • Pola bee,
  • fox Lucuś,
  • Zuzia's bunny,

and Thumbnail:

  • Nikos the bat,
  • The woodpecker of Dominiczek,
  • Zosia Owl

As part of the action, stuffed animals are also accompanied by a special leaflet. Contains description of Sweetie gang adventures.

The "Sweetie Gang – Magical Portal" action will begin on Monday, August 26. and will last until November 17.

"Słodziaków Gang" campaign rules. How many stickers for Sweetie?

The "Gang Sweetie" campaign will begin on August 26. To take part in it, all you need to do is collect stickers issued during the Biedronka purchase on special collection cards.

Stickers can be collected until November 17 of this year, and stuffed animals and books can be collected by December 1, 2019.

  • A customer collecting 60 stickers can apply to collect a large Sweetie for free.
  • 40 stickers, can be exchanged for a sweet Junior, or – for an additional PLN 19.99 – for a regular mascot.
  • In turn, 15 stickers can be exchanged for a new copy of the Godzodziaków book. The regular price for this product is 9.99 PLN.

How do you get the "Sweetie Gang" for free? Campaign Regulations "Słodziaków Gang"

  • A sticker can be obtained for every 40 PLN spent on Biedronka.

Collection points can be made even faster thanks to the extra points awarded for: Extra points are awarded only for satisfactory transactions purchase criterion 40 PLN.

For example, for purchases with a My Biedronka registered card of at least 40 PLN, including at least 1 vegetable or 1 fruit and specialty products with a minimum PLN value of 10, you will receive 4 stickers (4 points). With similar purchases for an amount of minutes. 80 PLN, the number of points is increased to 8.

He stole 1,700 stickers for Świeżaki. He faces up to 5 years in prison

The first version of the Sweetie gang

In the first edition of Sweetie Gang, the heroes were 6 soft toys: fox Lucek, hedgehog Jerzyk, owl Zosia, beaver Boris, lynx Rysio and hare Zuzia. Overall, more than 7 million likes were in the hands of customers. As part of the campaign, three books were published on the adventures of gang members, which went to over 2 million Polish homes.

Świeżak gang – fantastic promotion

The advertising campaign on the distribution of the Świeżak gang proved to be a real phenomenon. Commercial News recalls that, according to Nielsen's Equity Index 2017 survey, 40% of respondents visited Biedronka more often after being promoted. The same analysis showed that 83% of respondents expressed interest in new actions of this type. The ladybug decided to forge the iron while it was hot.

Action "Sweet Sweetie – Magical Portal"


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