Sunday , January 17 2021

Prince Eze in the Lycans who cried him: "If they want that, they have to get it"

The afternoon of Monday was supposed to be the feast of the spectacular period of Prince Eze. Although Nigerian student-cager was crowned the most notable player for the 94th season of the NCAA senior basketball tournament, a part of the SM Mall of Asia Arena pulled him.

It is clear that some members of the audience still hurt that CJ Perez has been excluded from the fight.

However, even if Perez had not been suspended before the finals, Eze would still have won the MVP crown, as Perpetualite led Lycean on the Player All-around Value range from 61.39 to 58.28.

Following this, Eze was unable to help but the joy of receiving it.

"I want to say that life is not fair.

"San San Beda, look at the team – they are tall, my team is fair, we have to deal with what we have. [as well], " shared. "But this is basketball. We started from scratch, but our coach says we have no excuses. "

Last season, the 6-foot Alta was the leader of the MVP race with 14.5 points, 17.3 rebounds, 2.1 blocks per game. But with Perpetual who won just three victories, he broke from the fight and Perez went to win the crown.

"CJ is the MVP last season, but I was a leader and we did not get to the Final Four" recalled.

Rules are rules, as they say.

With this, Eze believes it is worth the MVP. But he could only regret that Perez was not with him in the All-NCAA team.

"So if they want that, they have to get it.

"Last season, I did not play the playoffs and I was not happy but I feel much better right now I hope CJ was here as well" closed.

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