Grab launches high quality tricycle service


GRABTrike Premium will use Piaggio Ape vehicles. – VINCENT MARIEL P. GALANG

GRAB Philippines (MyTaxi.PH, Inc.) works with the distributor of AutoItalia Philippines Enterprises, Inc. to offer the GrabTrike Premium service using the three-cylinder Piaggio Ape.

At Monday's event, Brian P. Cu, Country Manager of Grab Philippines, said he would work with LGUs to adopt the use of GrabTrike Premium by either increasing the offer of a tricycle franchise or by replacing the older tricycles with the Piaggio Ape units. Tricycle franchises are issued by LGU.

Two thousand Piaggio Ape City F1 units will be offered to LGU for the GrabTrike Premium service.

The municipality of Binalonan, Pangasinan, was the first LGU to adopt the GrabTrike Premium service, with the installation of 24 Piaggio Ape vehicles last month.

The Piaggio Ape is compatible with Euro IV and offers secure short-haul routes for passengers. The Piaggio Ape also has a maximum load capacity of 300 kilos and is powered by either a gas or a diesel engine. One liter of gas can reach 38 km.

"The tricycles will fit in the short distance, where you will move from small alleys or villages that are difficult to reach with four-wheel vehicles. The three-cylinder will be able to serve these areas much more efficiently and budget-friendly "said Mr. Cu.

Regarding the GrabTrike fare program, Mr. Cu said he would follow the LGU regulations, but noted that there would be a P10 booking fee to be transferred to the driver. – V.M.P. Galang


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