Thursday , February 25 2021

United States: organized a global meeting in Denver to show that the Earth is flat. | World

The Earth is flat, some people still believe. Documentary Robbie Davidson met with a group of 650 people on the occasion of the Flat Earth International Conference, Denver, United States. The cost of the tickets was up to $ 350.

Davidson said during the global meeting that the idea that Earth out was ridiculous, according to the international media. However, this conference also allowed us to listen to the "flat neighborhoods& # 39; The main theory of this group of people is that the earth is not round but has the form of pizza and many are based on Holy Bible.

Several speakers of the international conference rely mainly on his writings Holy Bible. They attack the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and scientists are also recognized for their contribution to space science.

"Biblical Older": Fundamental Christianity

The most enthusiastic land proponents who are flat attending the meeting are usually evangelical Christians. They base their arguments on the Bible and call themselves "biblical elders". They have also been baptized by local media as "flat neighborhoods& # 39;

The conference seeks to gather people who agree with the idea that Earth It is flat and you are influenced by your beliefs. Some participants in the event in Denver, United States, reported that they were fired from their work or were expelled from their churches. "Flat neighborhoods" repeat that Holy Bible It states that Earth is the center of the universe, paradise is above the heavens, and hell is just beneath the earth.

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