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Stan Lee: These are the animes you created and you probably did not know about | Cine-series

Although you can not believe it. For many fans of the comic world it may be a bit difficult to believe but great Stan Lee would not only be involved in making these comics and series of them but there was a time that was also devoted to the anime In it your note tells you all the details.

After the death of Stan Lee, the legendary creator of Marvel, hundreds of strange events come to light one after another, talking about the heroes he created, the camels he did and the works he never did. Everything was always about the comic book world, but with the surprise of many, his legend Marvel He also participated in writing for two Japanese animated series.

The first anime in which Stan Lee was involved was Heroman & # 39; Created in conjunction with the bones of the study, he tells the story of Joey, an orphan boy who lives with his grandmother and works in a coffee shop that, since he can not get a luxury robot, resigns and ends up finding an old and odd abandoned in a bucket. What one would not expect is that after taking a thunderbolt it will end up being transformed into a security that will turn them both into the only hope that humanity must survive an alien invasion.

The anime was released in Japan in 2010 and had a total of 26 episodes.

a clue

The second anime for which Stan Lee put his spirit, was directed by Hiroshi Nagahama, also known for the direction of Mushishi. This work called "The concern" tells us the story of a world where after a fact that they decided to call "reflection," thousands of people around the world began to gain powers, some become heroes and many others to thugs, creating a climate of chaos and Disorder leading the viewer to ask questions about what really happens in this series.


Undoubtedly two very strange animes that undoubtedly like a fan you should try to see since you know that Stan Lee was involved in them.

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