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Sporting Cristal has contributed to a number of international players and performances for many years, but the internal championship also showed that it works very well and this is evidenced by the numbers analyzed when the scores are being discussed. Emanuel Herrera has already passed to Eduardo Esidio in the record of goals per season and this brings to mind some shining names.

Miguel Ximénez – 32 goals in 2008:

The Uruguayan striker came to Sporting Cristal to boost the 2008 season and could be one of the best-known scorers because he made his debut "Maximal soccer player with anecdotes in Sporting Cristal", Emanuel Herrera spent a few weeks and a little deferred. But "El Chino" for a long time is referred to as a great external enhancing "uranium" store.

Juan Caballero – 29 goals in 1985:

The player born in Trujillo on June 17, 1956 did something that at that time was mirrored as a "historic milestone" because the so-called "goal" marked a trend within the club rime to win an incredible number of goals. For the year 1938 the season ended with 24 goals, with 4 goals in Unión Huaral that season. Then in a somewhat odd merger of two seasons, because the player between 1984 and 1985 went to Elche in Spain. In 1984 he had won 19 goals and in 1985 he ended the season with 11 more, it was a long period and the amount left a generous accountant of the "goals".

Flavio Maestri – 25 goals in 1994:

The "born at home" had said that "the tank" at the beginning with Sporting Cristal's shirt, Flavio Francisco Maestro Andrade in the 1994 season made a remarkable feature of the goals due to his brilliant work in a crime (a total of 25 goals). Noting really the difference at that time, where he was a national champion with the "blue shirt" who served him to emigrate to Spain where he played in everything he remembered Hercules.

Horacio Baldessari – 25 goals in 1991:

He came from Deportivo Municipal in 1990 at Sporting Cristal and since then La Pepa has made a story of love and sacrifice with the heavenly image of the eternal form. The decentralized tournament in 1991 was extremely personal and special to La Pepa because it won the pseudonym "absolute season scorer" after having scored 25 goals in this game. In addition, he was a National Champion with Sporting Cristal and ended the ultimate happiness.

Gulletin – 23 goals in 1995:

Júlio César de Andrade Moura, known as "Julinho", made history at Sporting Cristal due to the tradition, quality and gambeta that he showed weekly on the outskirts of the old "San Martín", where the footballer came from all the paraded fans. But he was not only a talent, but he also knew how to win goals, and in 1995 the Brazilian footballer won the 23-goal "top player" nickname and also knew he was "the best player in the tournament of Peru." He was also a national champion with Sporting Cristal at the time of 1995.

Alberto Gallardo – 22 goals in 1962:

Sporting Cristal's image appeared as a turmoil in the history of the club, showing all his talent by wearing the "celeste" of his shirt and adding goals as if there were no tomorrow. He came from Mariscal Castilla, a group of neighbors who was the third in 1959. For the following year in 1960 he began his beautiful history with the "celestial struggle", in 1962 he is credited with the season record scorer at Sporting Cristal, scoring 22 goals at that time and this helped him reach the Peruvian football team.

Irven Ávila – 22 goals in 2017:

"Cholito" just arrived at Sporting Cristal made a fantastic career, scoring goals and singles in the big tournaments along with the other reinforcements that came with him. In 2017 he scored a personal lead that he had signed to be signed by "Lobos BUAP de México". Irven Ávila closed the Decentralized 2017 with 22 goals in 40 games, something unbelievable because it comes from a terrific period in the Equinox Liga de Quita. This is the way El Beibe enters this special list of goal scorers.


Sporting Cristal won this Summer Tournament & and "Apertura Tournament".

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