Monday , March 1 2021

Shooting at Rimac: Assassinated murderer murder and dying of cardiac arrest PHOTOGALLERY | Photo 1 of 4 | Police

Direct Karma! The alleged killer Two police officers during a bloody shooting at block 5 of Francisco Pizarro Avenue , in Rímac, died after being captured by PNP members. The criminal had been involved in one of the co-operative bands where classroom agents arrived and took him violently.

However, the suspect was identified as José Martín Chacón Carbajal He felt bad and he was transferred to the hospital Cayetano Heredia where he died of a catastrophic cardiopulmonary arrest.

The subject would drive the motorcycle before being warned by its two officers National Police, this without any meditation murdered them with bullets. The first officer received several bullet wounds in different parts of the body, while the second died from the four spheres in the chest.

After the shooting at Rimac, which sow terrorism among neighbors, José Martín Chacón Carbajal He left the place to hide inside the house located on El Sol Boulevard in the same area, where dozens of troops arrived, proceeding to capture him.

Shooting in Rímac

Shooting between motorcyclists and police in Rímac. (Channel N)

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