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Roger Waters in Bogotá: recommendations to go to the concert

This Wednesday, November 21st Roger Waters will offer Concert in Colombia in the framework of "US + Them Tour"The show will take place on the court Campín de Bogotá, where the security pre-filter (third ring) will open at 7am, although the doors of the court will open at 5pm and the artist is expected to be on stage at 8pm.

Data to remember


Minimum age: 6 years for seats in kiosks, 18 years for seats on lawn. All minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Food and beverages are not allowed on the court.

You will not be allowed to occupy silletería that does not correspond to that shown on your ticket.

He is not allowed to stand in chairs, at risk of being expelled from the event.

Re-entry at Stage is not allowed. Once the ticket has been verified and cut, you can not leave and re-enter.

The entrance of banks or portable chairs is not allowed.

You are not allowed to camp near the stadium or to enter tents.

Do not allow to enter containers or glass containers.

The entry of weapons, sharp cutting pieces, or any object which, when thrown or handled, may damage the safety of the assistant is not permitted. If you are not allowed to withhold any item, remember that we will not be responsible for your care and / or care.

No alcoholic beverages or psychoactive substances or persons under the influence of alcohol are allowed.

Keep in mind that smoking is not allowed.

Access to professional photographers or photographers (with interchangeable lenses) is not allowed.

False tickets will be retained and destroyed by event audits and the carrier will not be allowed to enter regardless of the place where it was purchased.

General recommendations

Those attending the concert can be recorded or photographed as part of the concert recording and interaction with the participating brands, the use and spread of the image across the various media and social networks are accepted.

Watch with comfortable clothing and shoes according to the weather conditions of the city, for that day the weather is cloudy and with great chance of rain. Do not carry umbrella or umbrella, we recommend using waterproof.

Upon recommendation of the authorities, women should not be admitted to visible pregnancy.

Create a meeting point with the people who accompany you.

If you miss your way, go to a meeting point and ask for support from a recognized logist or policeman.

Logistics personnel are properly uniform and recognized. DO NOT give your vote to anyone else.

Draft of the Roger Waters Concert in Bogota.

Kind offer


Entrance 1 (between the northern parking area of ​​the Stadium and Campincito): Cancha General (US + Them)

Entrance 2 (transverse 28 with Calle 57 restaurant, Las Acacias): East High, East Low and East North Low.

Entry 3 (Race 28 with 53B Street): Sites The Wall, Comfortable Plenty, East High and Low East

Sign In 4 (AV NQS with 53B Street, Pedestrian Bridge): Locations The Wall Box, AMM and IDRD

Revenue 5 (career 30 versus integration center): North High, West High, West Low.

Access to the doors in each location

The Wall: Gate 24

Comfortable Neuro: Doors 23 A and 23

General Court: North Marathon Gate

Oriental High, Eastern Low: Doors 15 to 23

Oriental North Baja: Doors 13 and 14

West High, West Low: Doors 1 to 6

North High: Gates 7 to 10

People with reduced mobility

For the courthouse (The Wall, Comfortably Numb, Us + them), you can enter via entrance 2, located next to the transverse 28 to 57 (Las Acacias restaurant). Only admission to adults is permitted in this city.

Access door: Door 11

For the Wish Side Were Here, you can enter through entrance 4 in the 30 to 53 B (ESSO Service Corner)

Access door: Red players, Western Side

Every person with reduced mobility is entitled to a (1) companion. Both must enter the poll.


Close road

From Monday, November 19th to 7pm: Complete abolition of the two roads of 53B Bis between Carrera 30 and Carrera 28, including the northern and southern platforms.

From Tuesday 20 November at 7 pm: Complete abolition of 57A road between Carrera 30 and Parque Norte access and controlled closure by such access and diagonal 61C, including platforms on both sides.

Total closure of the two crossings 28 between Carrera 28 and Calle 57, including the platform on the west side. The platform on the eastern side will not be affected.

Partial closure of the Eastern Carrera 30 platform (Avg. NQS) between the 53Ba and Calle 53B covers.

Controlled closure of the Carrera 28 between Calle 53B and Calle 53Ba, with controlled entrance to the camp's southern car park via the Calle 53B.

From the day of the concert at 8am: closing the Calle 53B between Carrera 30 and Carrera 28, as requested by the regional authorities for safe pedestrian crossing. This closure is usually from 08:00 am on the day of the event or at the request of the public.

Recommended deviations

Vehicles that received the Calle 53B Bis at Carrera 30 to the east should continue north on this corridor, take the Diagonal 61C and continue north at Carrera 24.

Vehicles that received Carrera 24, Transversal 28 to the south, would have to follow Calle 57 to the east, Transverse 25 to the south, Calle 53B to the east and continue south through Carrera 24, where they would have two options: 51 west and Carrera 30 (Av. NQS) to the north or second, go west via Calle 53.

The vehicles that run along Calle 57 and want to get the Transversal 28 to the south have to take Carrera 22 to the south, Calle 53 to the west and look for connectivity to the south.

Public transportation

Taxi collection points

Movistar Arena parking

Transv 28 from the Las Acacias restaurant in the north

Diagonal 61C east of the Movistar Arena at the tennis school

59th Street with Cra 30 west side of the court for those going south

Transmilenio Sitp zonal and trunk

The closest stations are in the 30th race: Campin U. Antonio Nariño, Movistar Arena.

Transmilenio will close at 23:00.

parking spaces

If you decide to get a vehicle, the following are the nearby public service points, you should first consult the rates and timetables.

Stadium North Park El Campín

Race 21 no. 53-06

Calle 63 no. 23

Race 17 No. 63-57

Race 22 No. 62

Calle 56 no. 17

Shopping Center Gallery

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