Tuesday , January 26 2021

Picota province again suffered the highest temperature

the high temperature was recorded as a penalty

For the second consecutive day, the Tingo Ponasa area, in Picota province, in San Martín, recorded the highest temperature nationwide, reaching 37.6 degrees Celsius in the meteorological station of the same name. On the day she had recorded 37.2 degrees Celsius.

Similarly, in the Loreto area, the Pebas district at Pebas station reported 36.9 ° C while the Pilluana (Pilluana, San Martín) and Bagua Grande stations (Bagua Chica station, Amazonas) reported the same value of 36.6 ° C, as it was the highest in the country.

On the other hand, lower temperatures were recorded in Yanahuara and San Antonio de Chuca (Arequipa). Susapaya and Tarata (Tacna), which reached -8.4 ° C, -8 ° C and -7.1 ° C and -6.1 ° C, at Patahuasi, Pillones, Vilacota and Chuapalca respectively.

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