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Melissa Klug had secret romance with Juan Manuel Vargas? This responded to the "Blanca de Chucuito" | PHOTOGRAPHS | Photo 1 of 9 | Shows

Scandal! According to schedule & Quot; Valgame Dios & quot; Melissa Klug and Juan Manuel Vargas would have a secret affair and that would have come to his ears Jefferson Farfán , who have decided to exclude it from their social networks. However, the "Blanca de Chucuito" came forward to deny such claims.

Melissa Klug, who had for several months a case with Ítalo Valcárcel, said that the alleged romance secretly Juan Manuel Vargas is a lie as he knows the player of the University of Sports for more than 16 years, even before the meeting Jefferson Farfán, so "nothing happens to the footballer".

In her report & Valgame Dios & # 39 ;, his friend and ex-boyfriend Melissa Klug, Evelyn Vela, declined to confirm the supposed romance and assured that he did not lose that kind of reputation because he had won for a long time. "People can talk, you can tell thousands of things".

The popular "Queen of the South" even said this Melissa Klug has met his mother for years Juan Manuel Vargas. "Yes, we went to the house of" Crazy "because we are very friends with his mother Juan Manuel, but we went to her birthday and there he was, his brother, his family. "

Melissa Klug and Juan Manuel Vargas

According to Válgame Dios, Melissa Klug and Juan Manuel Vargas would have a secret affair. (Video: Latina)

Also, Evelyn Vela revealed this Juan Manuel Vargas call Melissa Klug as "La Blanquita" and confirmed that they have been friends for many years.


Obviously these rumors between the supposed romance between Melissa Klug and Juan Manuel Vargas they will reach his earsefferson Farfán, who for that reason interrupted his former partner in the Peruvian national team on his social networks.

Zorro Zupe, when asked about the issue, said he asked Jefferson Farfán, but the footballer told him he had nothing to say about Juan Manuel Vargas.


In a sound that was sent to Karla Tarazona's phone, Melissa Flug He completely denied the alleged romance and met Juan Manuel Vargas for 16 years. "I know him for 16 years, even before he meets Jefferson Farfán."

Juliana Barrios, his sister Melissa KlugHe said that "I do not know where they get these things from. I'm not going to put my hands on fire for anyone but I do not think he's going to a particular party with Crazy Vargas, who is supposed to be a man who will should have already beheaded at this point in his life "

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