Low exchange rate and lowest price in almost five months Economy markets


The exchange rate closed on Friday and reached its lowest level almost a month, due to dollar bids on the last day of the local tax payment and the surge in copper price, the main export product of Peru.

At the close of operations, the dollar fell 0.24% to S / 3.307 on the interbank market, the lowest price since September 28, 2018.

On the day, which reported a trading volume of US $ 428 million, the dollar fell to S / 3.304 and the highest price was S / 3.310.

During the meeting, local companies offered dollars in quest on the last day to take over the tax. while demand from institutional or foreign investors was minimal, operators said.

The sun also benefited from a recovery in copper futures prices, which rose to their highest level since July due to the decline in metal stocks and investors' expectations for a trade agreement between the United States and China. .

As a result, the dollar is down 1.84% so far this year. after strengthening 4.05% in 2017.

On the other hand, the exchange rate is traded at S / 3.314 for purchase and S / 3.315 for sale in the parallel market.


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