Lima is Tonhal Congress Receiver


The EVENT will be held on November 14, 2008

The first International Tuna Congress, which will be held in Lima on 14 November, informed Alfonso Miranda Peruvian Tonhal Kamrust.


He said that the main purpose of the conference is to gather experiences from other countries on how they have achieved the development of their fishing activities, what problems they encountered, how they came to pass and what to avoid in this endeavor.

"We want to know what businesses are doing to ensure the sustainability of tuna fisheries, what technologies have been introduced to optimize production processes, biological and oceanographic conditions in the Pacific and market needs and prospects", he said.


Miranda said that in recent years the development of the national tuna industry in Peru, which has played a leading role in this activity in the Americas in the 1970s when fishing was nationalized, was strengthened in the private sector. He stressed that the latest regulations on tuna stocks have led to the development of a national flag fleet.


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