Friday , May 14 2021

“La Uchulú” and the lesson of humility given to him by Fabio Agostini: “If there is favoritism, what does it matter, show what you are capable of” | PRESENTS

THE ‘Utsoulou“He taught the Spanish influencer a lesson in humility Fabio Agostini during an interview they had for the “América hoy” program, where the former reality boy protested for favoritism at “The Artist of the Year” academy.

So much “The Uchulú” What Fabio Agostini were sentenced on Saturday’s reality show. Despite their best efforts to make a good presentation, they did not convince the jury. In the case of “La Uchulú” it was her comrades who took her to the polls with their votes.

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«I have heard that Fabio believes that there is favoritism and if there is, what matters is you show what you are capable of, there may be a favorable character for Josimar or Pamela Franco, You still have to show what you can give, show your talent and keep the mouths of many people closed.small“, He stated “The Uchulú” asking for applause from the show’s hosts.

However, he did not have the expected reaction from Fabio Agostini, who replied: “Everything he says seems very good to me, but when it is eliminated there you will see (favoritism)To which “La Uchulú” replied: “For my normal I will show what I can give. The “houlitutos” (as he calls his followers) will support me“.

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But it was not the only time that “La Uchulú” showed its humility and its leash in the face of adversity. She also did it when asked if she would no longer deal with the celebrities who led her to punishment and pointed out:

«I feel very happy that I make videos, making TikTok, it is part of my personality (…) They did not ask me for any videos, if they ask me, I will give it to them“, He stated.

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