He starts unbundling and kills him and his three children


The neighbors discovered what happened at the top of a hill at Javier Rivera's attempt to commit suicide. A few minutes earlier, this man murdered his wife on his birthday and three children of their 2, 4, and 6 years of age.

This fourfold offense has stunned San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima district, where, according to the Criminal Investigation Center of the Ministry of Public Order, between 2009 and 2017 there were 40 female kills.

At 9:20 pm, when the chief of Canto Rey's police station entered the room, he found a frightening picture: Javier Rivera Miculicich was lying on two beds on the floor next to the bodies of his three children.

"I will not go to jail," he whispered. "Let me die," he added. His left wrist was a deep cut and was abundantly bleeding.

Edith Huaylas de la Cruz was in the other house (30). His skull crashed. He and his children were previously addicted.


– They're all dead. Injected with a hammer, "he told one of his superiors, Javier Rivera, a 35-year-old worker who murdered his family while they slept.

The couple's crises, family breaks, party separation, and the reputation of a third person reinforce the police's suspicion of rape (feminic and murine).

"I do not know why he killed the children, the problem was with him," said both of them.


On July 8, Huaylas said that on September 8, her sister decided to leave her home at the handing over of Las Amapolas, AH Sacred Heart of Jesus, to understand that physical and psychological violence on these four walls did not stop.

Mirtha, her sister-in-law, confirms this version: "I was escorted with him and taken to Canto Rey's police and I did not want to return to the house anymore."

He also indicated that the unfortunate mother had decided to seek personal guarantees for the persistent threats he had received but had no time.

Leader of the Lima police department, Gastón Rodríguez, explained that the spouses had been married for six years, but separated from each other by "incompatibility of characters".


For nearly two months Edith Caja de Agua lived in the owl house of L.G.R.H. (6), J.D.R. H. (4) and A.R.H. (2).

On Monday he returned to The Poppies corridor.

The Daniel Bernoulli School, where his two eldest children studied, was an anniversary and had to participate in various activities.

Javier Rivera Miculicich asked her to stay home. Accepted, provided he does not stay at home.

However, he remained in the house with the pretense of majolica tile.

At dawn Rivera asked her ex-wife to go home with the children, but Edith did not accept it.

Then she waited for her to sleep. He pulled out the hammer and attacked him. Then she did the same with her three children.

In July, Huaylas tried to communicate with Edith, and when he noticed he did not respond, he felt the cold in his soul. He did not hesitate and went to his home on a hill and confirmed his worst fears: Edith and his children died.

Life punishment is waiting

  • Javier Rivera was taken to the Canto Grande hospital, where the physician, José Zanabria, said cutting the left wrist was endangering the arteries and nerves. "Cheating to me, he told me he was going to leave me and did not want to leave my kids, which makes me angry," he told the police who helped him.
  • Arturo Quispe, a lawyer of Edith Huaylas's relative, condemned the victim Javier Rivera for domestic violence but did not handle it. He indicated that he would comply with the law by means of the Rivera life imprisonment.
  • The Ministry of Women provides psychological assistance and legal and social assistance to their relatives.


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