Thursday , April 15 2021

Colombia leads cyber-extortion in Latin America in 2018. Ecuador is also on the list

His signature ESET cybersecurity said on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, that Colombia there was in 2018 the country in Latin America with the largest number of cases computer viruses They ask for ransomware for information scams, called "ransomware" or cyber-extortion.

According to the detection systems of the Slovak company, Colombia records 28% of the cases, followed by Peru (17%), Mexico (15%), Brazil (11%), Argentina (9%), Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela (4%)

"We see this year a major outbreak of attacks of this type in Colombia, mainly due to a campaign that is finally targeting this country of the virus Crysis"explained Matías Porolli, ESET's Malware Analyst, in the framework of the IT Security Forum, developed by the company until Thursday, in the city of Brazil Sao Paolo.

Exactly, this virus led to the number of detections in the South American country, with 79% of cases, followed by other "ransomwares" like TeslaCrypt (4%) and Locky (2%).

Crysis was during 2017 in the top 5 of the most cracked cyber flames Latin America and caused "massive data loss in the region and globally," according to the company's blog.

ESET warned last July that a new Crysis campaign spreads via email, especially in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru.

"This Crysis focus was originally set in Colombia, but then spread to many nearby countries, "said Mr.

In the case of Colombia, the virus spread with an e-mail message in Spanish asking the user to payment of debt through a collection company "with case PDF file that was really a link to download it malware"(malicious program), explained the engineer of Argentina.

Once cyber threat enters computers, encrypts – like other viruses in the same family – the data of its victims, and then requires time-limited payment of a wolf, usually in a virtual currency, to retrieve hijacking information.

According to ESET, Latin America represents 13% of the "ransomware"(harmful program) in the world and United States remains the main target of this threat, with 9.5% of international cases.

WannaCry, Petya, Cerber, Cryptolocker and Locky have been among the most dangerous cyber abuses that have been recorded in recent years in the world.

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