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Amor a la plancha, Carmen Villalobos’ first telenovela, when the actress was 20 years old | REPUTATION

Reservation image for Carmen Villalobos, the remembered “Catalina Santana” from “Without breasts, there is no paradise“She will soon be returning to telenovelas with a completely different character from the one we are used to. The Colombian actress will be the villain in a fantasy for the first time and the expectation is high to see her in this role.

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For the first time in her career, the actress will be the competitor and will wear “Lucia” shoes. This character will make life impossible William Levy and Laura Londoño in its remake “Woman with a woman’s perfume” that Telemundo will premiere very soon.

Really, Reservation image for Carmen Villalobos It will show the development he had during his acting career, since after many years as a protagonist, he will now be a competitor and we will really see how bad he can be.

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In this note, we will tell you about Villalobos’ 2003 debut in the telenovela “Amor a la plancha”, a melodrama on the RCN channel starring Colombian actors Martina García and Marcelo Cezán.


The story tells the life of “Rita Pulido”, a housewife who falls in love with her ex-partner’s partner, Carmen Βιγιαλόμπους incarnated Ernestina Pulido, best known to all as “Nina”, the beautiful sister of the protagonist.

Despite being a minor character, the actress had the opportunity to perform all kinds of scenes in which she showed her great talent, inclination and preparation.

Carmen Villalobos at the soap opera debut "Roasted love" (Photo: RCN)
Carmen Villalobos in her telenovela debut “Amor a la plancha” (Photo: RCN)

Although this was her first role in a soap opera, for her part, Carmen said he gave her the pininos at 18.

“My beginnings were in the children’s program Club 10. I was there for two years and, from there, I made the leap into novels. I was young and it was very satisfying because it allowed me to be fulfilled. I also helped my family financially “, shared, according to Ten minutes.

Carmen Villalobos debuts in 2003 (Photo: RCN)
Carmen Villalobos debuts in 2003 (Photo: RCN)

This opportunity opened the doors to the world of acting, so over the years he starred in other soap operas, until 2008 when he received the offer “Without breasts there is no paradise” and from that moment, his career is at the peak of success.

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