Tuesday , March 9 2021

Allisson Lozz asks the press not to look for her anymore: I’m not an artist | Telenovelas | Mexico REPUTATION

A few days ago it was reported that the exact Allisson Lozz was recorded a lot as a result COVID-19 and before the commotion caused this news, the sales manager appeared and denied this information. In addition, she assured that she has not spoken to the press for a long time and asked not to look for her anymore.

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The retired Mexican actress used her Instagram account to deny all these rumors about her health, so she walked away from the media and asked the press to focus on other artists who want and need to promote them.

In addition, she took the time to emphasize that she is not famous and that she has no intention of returning to acting, as she is happy with her new life.


Allisson Lozz She decided to go ahead and deny that the news was given in the last few hours and also noticed that she is not famous.

“A lot of people, friends, family from Mexico, ask me if I have coronavirus and that I’m very sick and who knows what, and no. I do not have a coronavirus. I had it about 5 months ago, but thanks to Jehovah it was nothing serious. My body hurts a lot, my husband lost his sense of smell, my girls had a fever one afternoon. The one who got a little sick was my mother, she arrived at the hospital, but quickly recovered. Thanks to Jehovah, we have been doing nothing for a long time. “, Allisson explained through his Instagram account.

For Allisson Lozz, her daughters are everything (Photo: Instagram)
For Allisson Lozz, her daughters are everything (Photo: Instagram)

The exact assured that the media have been looking for her for a long time to interview her, something that, as he made clear, will not happen now or in the future.

“Unfortunately, the media has been looking for me for a long time, sending me messages that if I can give them an interview. I have never spoken to the media, for more than 10 years I have not spoken to the media. Why; Because I’m not an artist. I’m a sales manager for Mary Kay and that ‘s why I have this account open. “ Allisson claimed.

“I am not an artist, nor do I want to be, nor do I want to have anything to do with any medium. And yes, sometimes they take advantage of it to say things that they may think I can not deny. But this is the only account where you will really know what is going on. And no, everything they say is false. I know they make a living from it, they have to invent things to put it, but I hope they really find artists to talk to. The reality is that there are many artists who definitely want to be discussed, promoted and everything. I do not. I do not want to be promoted or anything. Thank you, but I do not need anyone to promote me or publish me “, he repeated.

Allisson Lozz He made it clear again that he has no intention of returning to the artistic medium.

“I am happy with life here and I do not want to return to the artistic medium, I have said it many times and here I repeat it. I am happy with my current life and we will continue like this “, he said.

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