Wednesday , January 27 2021

This is the last cry from the SEAT car manufacturer

The new SEAT eXS from Segway is a perfect micro-transmission solution for people who want to get fast and environmentally friendly in the city, says the car maker in a message.

As part of Easy Mobility's strategy, SEAT aims to create an offer of products and services, introducing new solutions to get out of town. In connection with the Volkswagen Group's strategy for micro-mobility, various brands are planning to launch urban transport solutions in the future.
"The aim is to set SEAT to set the standard for micro-mobility. Our goal is to make everyone living in urban areas aware of the opportunities offered by SEAT to move into the city with economic, environmentally friendly, easy and fun way, "says SEAT marketing manager Lucas Casasnovas.
Segway was bought by the newly-built Ninebot transport robot in 2015. After that, Segway launched more micro-mobility solutions for the consumer market.

In connection with the agreement, SEAT has specifically designed the new SEAT eXS for its customers. It has Segway's leading electrical technology built into the ES2 platform.
The combination of battery and engine offers a maximum speed of 25 km / h.
The eXS features front and rear LED lights, adjustable ambient light, LCD screen, cruise control and anti-theft protection. In addition, you can connect an optional battery that increases the range. The range is up to 45 km depending on the circumstances.
EXS is available for sale to all SEAT dealers from December 2018. The price will be 599 euro. The vehicle can be delivered to Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal before the new year and to the rest of Europe in 2019.

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