Wednesday , October 20 2021

The car arrived in a fire-fired garage – then the driver must be injured


From night to Sunday, the emergency services at Møre og Romsdal were transferred to Hjørungavåg in the municipality of Hareid after a road accident notification.

A seemingly high-speed car should lead to a bus shed and then to a garage.

Then the car started burning and then the fire spread to the garage that crashed the car, says Sindre Molnes Business Manager at the Møre og Romsdal Police Station in Dagbladet.

"The fire department has now closed the fire and checked the car. There is no one, says Molnes at Dagbladet.

The alarm to the police arrived at 02:30 AMK.

The police searched for one or more people who could have been in the car when the accident occurred. A moment later, the police found a man in his 20s, who was in his own apartment not far from the accident, which seemed to be drunk.

The man is now charged with driving in the affected state.

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