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Storms lead to many closed mountain passes – NRK Vestland

Despite the coronary limitations, many people travel on the first day of Easter. The storm caused problems in mountain passes and ferry connections.

But at Sola Stavanger Airport, queues are the biggest challenge. Many had to wait a long time to get through the security check.

“We had a period tonight where there was a lot of queuing in the area outside the security checkpoint,” said Soette airport manager Anette Sigmundstad.

He assures that the vast majority kept a good distance from the others and that it also helped to create a longer queue than usual.

– There were also a few people at work during the security check during this period. It is difficult to estimate how many people should be at work when people book tickets just before they travel, says Sigmundstad.

Motorhome took the road to Hemsedalsfjellet

DIFFICULT TERMS: A caravan had an unpleasant encounter with the wind at the Hemsedalsfjellet on Sunday.

Photo: Private

The plateau will be closed tonight

There are also queues for those who now and tonight drove from east to west in southern Norway or vice versa.

– It ‘s very hard weather in the mountains now. The storm will increase throughout the afternoon, says Norwegian Public Roads Operator Marios Nes.

He asks people to count extra time for the trip home from the Easter mountains. For many, there will also be detours since Hardangervidda is closed.

“They hope to be able to open the plateau tomorrow night,” says Ness.

But also in the lowlands, several places have reported difficult driving conditions on Sunday.

On the Våvatnet country road in Orkland in Trøndelag, three cars are involved in an accident on slippery roads. Two cars in front collided, one third led to the ditch. Fortunately no one was injured.

– There are demanding driving conditions in the city, police say.

A car received a real blow after a frontal collision on Våvatnet

VERY SMALL: Fresh snow led to slippery roads in Trøndelag. A total of three cars were involved in the accident on Våvatnet.

Photo: John J. Storholt / NRK

– Provocative

Several cruise ships and ferries to western Norway were also affected by the storm. This applies to:

  • B-route to Seivika – Tømmervåg.
  • The speedboat between Kristiansund and Edøy at 20.30 was canceled
  • Buavåg – Langevåg

State meteorologist Terje Alsvik Walløe confirms that there is no good weather for everyone who is vegan tonight.

– The storms in the mountain passes make it difficult for those who go home from the Easter holidays. It’s getting worse and worse, says state meteorologist Terje Alsvik Walløe.

Closed in Haugastøl.

HARDANGERVIDDA: Highway 7 above Hardangervidda is closed due to the storm. The picture shows the explosion in Haugastøl.

Photo: Tor Simonnæs

Status at 19.00:

  • Rv. 7 Hardangervidda: Closed, not open today.
  • E134 Haukelifjell: Driving columns
  • Rv. 13 Vikafjellet: Closed
  • Fv. 50 Hol – Aurland: Driving columns
  • Fv. 51 Valdresflye: Closed
  • Rv. 15 Strynefjellet: Driving columns
  • Rv. 52 Hemsedalsfjellet Open
  • E16 Filefjell Open
  • Fv. 48 in Mundheim: Closed due to landslides with rocks and earth
  • Fv. 53 Årdal – Tyin: Closed

– The weather forecast does not look so good during the day, so there will probably be no change there immediately, says traffic carrier Andreas Larsen.

Queue from Hallingdal to Hønefoss and Oslo

Lots of traffic: Traffic from Hallingdal and Valdres to Oslo flows well on Sunday night.

Photo: NRK Tips

Thunderstorm on the 1st day of Easter Ålesund.

KATO KARKE: In Ålesund and other cities in Western Norway, there is little remembrance of spring and the weather.

Photo: Synnøve Hole / NRK

You have to calculate the good time

Therefore, the Traffic Center advises motorists to check the weather and traffic reports before starting on the road.

State meteorologist Terje Alsvik Walløe says even worse weather has been reported during the day, especially in the mountains of southern Norway.

– There is a strong storm in many places in the mountains. There is a lot of rain, especially this afternoon. There are many winds, snowfalls and snowfalls in the mountains that run between east and west, most of the precipitation ends on the west side, he says.

Ras i Mundheimsdalen

CLOSED: The Fylkesveg 48 in Mundheimsdalen is closed due to this landslide.

Photo: Eirik Leirstein

High risk of avalanches

On Country Road 50 from Aurland to Hol, four cars were involved in an accident at noon today.

Three people were taken to the emergency room in Lærdal for a check.

“It must have been very slippery just outside the tunnel,” said Bjarte Rebnord, director of operations at the western police station.

Both Møre og Romsdal and Helgeland have been hit by avalanches on Sunday, and by Monday also in Trollheimen, Romsdal, Sunnmøre and Indre Fjordane.

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