Wednesday , June 23 2021

Recruited Mohameddeen Mohamed says he will meet in the court of the week

Threatened Mohammed Mohammad, who is internationally wanted, will meet when the trial against him starts on Tuesday, according to his defender.

Mohammad is accused of threats against parliamentary leader Abid Raja (V), but did not appear when the case was due to begin on 22 October. So he was called.

The project will be resumed next week.

– My client is in court on Tuesday morning. He knows that he never had any other purpose than that, Muhammad's defender Brynjar Meling writes in a text message to the NTB.

He denies threats

Mohammad did not interrupt the sound for a long time, but Saturday released a YouTube video explaining why he did not meet in court, according to television 2.

– I have never received a statement of charges or information about the time and place I had to meet. In fact I did not know that my presence there was necessary, she says in the video.

There he also refuses to come with threats.

"I was surprised that a citizen from this country could be accused of something so inappropriate on the basis of a few short written contact messages and legal expressions in a video allegedly corresponding to the Norwegian media without giving me a a fair opportunity to answer to myself, he says.

background: There are no indications that threatened by Mohamed Mohammad

– Vander

Muhammad is accused of blaming Abid Raja for a "dirty, loose Muslim" who should rot in hell.

"I want to emphasize one thing, so it is clear: yes, Mohammed Mohammad regards Abid Raja as distrust, as I consider anyone who is not Muslims as infidelity, but that does not automatically mean that the person is going to be killed only because I, Moholdin Muhammad , I am religiously convinced that he is not a Muslim, he says in the video, according to television 2.

It is not clear where the threatened person is.

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