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– People are sure. Very little, really – NRK Norway – News overview from various parts of the country

– People are sure. In fact, a source that knows what was happening at the Frps meeting with NRK.

"The sum of the tax-free fines for KrF earlier today that tax-free e-commerce is raining, and incremental tax increases are very demanding for many of us," says another source.

The Frp stands behind the deal, but many have been very careful before the party announces it.

At the press conference afterwards, the Frp tax representative, Helge André Njåstad, was clear that there are things that need to be changed before applying to a more lasting partnership with the KrF government.

– That is there is no secret that there is tension between these two sides. We have agreed on the 11th budget for this time. But if we agree more daily and binding cooperation, then we have to talk to each other differently from what we saw this autumn, he said.

According to Njåstad, many in the Progress Party have recorded that "the KrF spoke minute by minute for Frp this autumn."

"It is clear that he has designated Frp without contradicting the features that have come against us," he said.

Frps Helge Andre Njåstad and Krz Kjell Ingolf Ropstad had to answer questions about the gaps between the parties.

The four-party negotiators announced at 19 o'clock that they had a comprehensive sketch on the budget solution and that they should call on their parliamentary groups to approve the sketch tonight.

The negotiators will place the budget at the press conference at 21 in the morning, but the minutes will be transferred and none of the government parties came out.

KrF secured the defeat of Frp

NRK eventually learned that it was the Progress Party parliamentary group that had not wrapped up the discussions about the sketch.

Earlier on Tuesday, it became known that KrF provided a tax exemption for Frp.

The parliament handled a representative proposal from the KrF if this party calls "an aggressive and solidarity policy for alcohol". KrF would initially simply ask the government to revise a reform of the system from 2014, but Ap threw the issue and undertook a complete reversal.

Kjell-Ingolf Ropstad

Kjell-Ingolf Ropstad is negotiating the KrF budget.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Initially, it should have been held since 2019, but it was difficult to support the KrF, because the party called for budget negotiations with government parties.

– The Labor Party then changes its proposal to be implemented from 1.1.20. Then KrF could join, a brilliantly pleased vice-president, Olaug Bollestad, told NRK.

KrF no longer receives refugees

On the right, the Left and Frp offered hundreds of millions of dollars at the table in the budget negotiations with the KrF for the past two days.

Following the experience of NRK, KrF received an offer of NOK 4.3 billion in negotiations.

The parties to the budget negotiations, as announced by NRK, have already agreed on the following:

  • The e-commerce market without VAT of 350 cubic meters is being removed but only after January 1, 2020. This means that Norwegian consumers can not buy tax-free from abroad via the Internet. According to the NTB, there is an additional tax on customs clearance of these goods beyond VAT. For low-value products, the charge may be higher than the cost of the product itself.
  • KrF and Frp receive an insured majority to reinforce the grant scheme for the employment of seafarers. This stops the notified change, which allows the deletion of Color Line recreational boats between Oslo and Kiel.
  • KrF is not allowed to increase the number of refugees in quotas.
  • Government parties have agreed to increase the aid budget.
  • The child benefit is increased by about 1000 NOK per year regardless of income. There will be an increase of NOK 3200, as KrF wanted. At the same time, KrF received through the first increase in child benefit in two decades. The increase in child benefit should, after NRK's ​​experience, be funded by raising the tax for all those earning NOK 950,000 or more.

VIDEO: You agree on the budget.

KrF will raise taxes

In its alternative budget, the KrF increased some cuts that would have affected the Frp, such as tax-free quotas and alcohol tax. In addition, the party demanded increased taxes so that those who needed the minimum allowance would receive more taxes. This was the tax representative of Høyres Henrik Asheim, away from the rejection before the start of the negotiations.

"We are ultimately a government that has cut taxes and which has led to a budget agreement with the KrF. We are critical of raising taxes, and this needs to be redirected within the available budget," he said.

However, it seems now that the government-proposed tax cuts in the state budget for 2019 will be somewhat reduced to fund parts of KrF's impact in the negotiations after NRK's ​​experience.

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