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One in three civilian workers have suffered sexual harassment, according to research

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The Fafo report, published on Friday, confirms first of all what we know before.

"There are few results that surprise us, but research gives us an extra real base," says Christine Thomassen, deputy director of MFO / Creo and former soloist at National Ballet.

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Strong relationships and liberal elderly people

The research was conducted in film, television, games, stage art and the music field, but the majority of them come from art and music. 34 and 46 percent respectively.

32 percent say they have been the victims of sexual harassment during their careers. The report shows that the younger you are, the greater the chance you have been sexually harassed in a working environment. Those who have a loose connection to the workplace also have a much greater risk of being exposed to unwanted sexual care.

Here is an example of such a situation, described by one of the respondents:

"He was in a free time My songwriter was known to the master I was unknown All the information had to go through him, he gave power and he was more interested in receiving a dividend from the assignment of a song We had a working meeting with me Probably overtaken and we did not get out of the way You did not look at it He's afraid of his job and his reputation as a freelancer He was a permanent employee of an opera We had agreed to make a concert there I was free and the manager so he decided that all the communication should pass through him. He threatened me, pushed me and manipulated me. "

"I think there are many reasons why young people without permanent employment are particularly vulnerable. Now we need to be cautious about categorization, but the research gives us some indications that there are slightly different perceptions of what is considered as harassment and not with how old it is, Christine Thomassen points out.

The report shows that the elderly in general are somewhat more liberal in terms of actions considered sexual harassment, compared to the responses of younger ones.

"But this is also about invisible power relations: young people enter an environment, they are going to seek out their place and work together." What I worry about is that they are unsure if their own borders can result in these experiences: The smallest man is, the more insecure he wears, and one can begin to question whether unwanted sexual consciousness is something to be admitted to.

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Colleagues are harassing

The former dancer has observed problematic behavior and language use in the dancing environment and stresses that permanent employment is not a protection against sexual harassment.

"The national ballet was probably less than that from many other places, and it is easy to think that dancing as a permanent employee is safe, but you are still addicted to the choreographers and in an uncertain position with regard to future roles lists. dependencies in this industry are complex, independent of the form of association – that is the fact that the shortcut is short, Thomassen believes.

Research also shows that the most harassing person is a colleague without a managerial responsibility (56-61%) or a director / director with an official leadership responsibility (26-32%). One in four says harassment is artistically superior, while between 20 and 30% say it is the audience or visitors in the process of harassment.

(The case continues below the picture.)

Christine Thomassen, Deputy Leader of MFO.

Christine Thomassen, Deputy Leader of MFO.

Here is an example of how sexual harassment can occur in a collective relationship:

"As a partner who accompanied me to a job (as I received on a project basis) to overcome the desire to swim and find something. When I answered no, he said" so cool I just got your job then, "and followed that with disseminating rumors to other colleagues I was at work, my contract expired three months later and was not renewed, I'm still confronted with these rumors today. "

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What is Sexual Harassment?

But what is actually sexual harassment? The researchers behind the report point to subjective experiences of this kind, but there are some definitions: According to an EU directive, sexual harassment is defined as any kind of unwanted verbal, non verbal and physical behavior of a sexual nature whose purpose or effect is is aggressive, intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or disturbing. In Norway, we received a new act on equality and discrimination on 1 January 2018. Here, sexual harassment is defined in accordance with EU directives.

According to the report, research is clear that sexual harassment is disastrous for both the working environment and the health of workers. Also, observing sexual harassment has negative consequences for witnesses or witnesses. The law on the working environment has comprehensive provisions that will ensure a good working environment that promotes health and provides security to the employment relationship.

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The taboo men

They are mainly men who have sexual harassment and women are the most vulnerable. However, the report also states: "When it comes to men, it is first and foremost important to note that men also suffer sexual harassment by both women and men."

– Sexual harassment is a taboo area for many men. What can we do for greater tolerance and how can we help men in this situation?

"First of all, I'm glad that so many men responded to the survey," says Thomassen.

46% of those who completed the survey are male, 54% women.

"It is so incredibly easy to do this exclusively for a female affair, and yes, it is a very feminine affair, but not just women, I believe in many ways that it is more legitimate for a woman to inform and that it will be more for many men may think that I should be able to deal with it as well. "The classic story of sexual harassment concerns a man and a woman and incorporates the prospect of a stronger and weaker natural party. chloun men and men who harass and men. I come from an environment with a lot of gay and I know that is part of those who have experienced unpleasant things. I hope that we will create a culture where everyone, regardless of gender and sex, dare to say.

Here, women in the show say about how sexually harassed them

Seven out of ten do not say

One of the most disappointing conclusions of the report is that about seven out of ten of those who have experienced sexual harassment over the last three years have not told anyone the experiences. The main reason for this is the uncertainty about what has been exposed to sexual harassment and whether the harassment is serious enough. 28% say that fear of the consequences for further care is the reason they have not been reported and 18% say they fear losing their jobs.

"This is the first thing we have to get to life," says Christine Thomassen:

– People's fear of the petition. We are willing to create good warnings. In workplaces where someone is responsible, this is easy to install. We in MFO / Creo can take a more active role in becoming an alert for those who want to report but have no employer to report, a place where people can have someone to talk and the opportunity to alert, he says deputy head of MFO / Creo.

Here, one of the respondents describes an episode depicting the fear of the consequences for his own career if he says:

"The filmmaker took me to the pitch and put me there in front of my then boss then asked why he was not with me when I was around him every day My then supervisor did not do anything Just comment on the next Monday that women who talk too much about the things that happen "by filling" will be considered difficult. "

• "For those who experience it, it can have very serious consequences, and this connection may mean loss of members and specialized elected representatives"

Long-term work

One of the consequences of the #metoo campaign is that more people tend to be open for unpleasant experiences. This is also noted in the MFO / Creo office.

– Yes, many of us are in touch. Even if it is bad to hear the stories that are said, I am very happy that people dare to communicate and appreciate the confidence they show us.

Thomassen is worried that #metoo does not become a hashtag blank, but the issue is kept high on the agenda in the future. The stops do not change all night. Long-term work needs to be done.

"Now we are going to dive into this material, see what we have done and learn what we need to fill in. Except: We are not an island but we want to work with others It is very easy to jump because you have such an urgent need to you do something, but it is important to think in the long run. We also actively contribute to Balance Art's support to become a co-ordinating unit for the entire industry in this project.

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