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Mr Big will die from a heart attack

For 20 years after the world premiere of the pioneering TV series "Sex and the City", the series is still one of HBO's most popular electric services.

The "sex and city" universe consists of the four female characters Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

Also, a number of male characters were regular in series and films, including the famous Big.

In 2008, the movie sequel came in the series, and in 2010 we once again entered the girl universe in their second film.

New revelations

It's been a long time for a third movie to end the big adventure. However, in September 2017 the project ceased to stop shortly before the recording began.

According to several American media, Kim Cattrall, known as Samantha, was the firefighter to protect the film.

The podcast "Origins" to American journalist James Andrew Miller reveals a series of new details about the production
and the decision in 2017.

Miller reveals that Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth, had a quick exit to the film and was one of the factors that Cattrall did not like in a new recording.

ICONIC: Carrie and Mr. Big was a virtual couple on the TV screen for decades. Photo: Pictures of Stella / New Cinema
ICONIC: Carrie and Mr. Big was a virtual couple on the TV screen for decades. Photo: Pictures of Stella / New Cinema

– People near Kim thought the script did not have much to offer the Samantha character. They also point out that Mr. Big's character will die from a heart attack in the shower relatively early in the film. Because of this, the film will focus on the way
Carrie does this and not the relationship between the four friends, Miller says in the podcast, who spoke with many people involved in the production.

Neither North himself was particularly excited about the outcome of the film, on the other hand, he should have been willing to discuss his conclusion with those involved, according to Miller.

She never wanted a new movie

On several occasions, and in this podcast, it is said that Cattrall brought some absolutely unacceptable claims before enrollment.

One of the creators behind the series tells Miller that they wanted to join Cattrall but eventually could not meet her demands.

In a previous circumstance, the actor herself said she never wanted to make a movie,
and that he was very excited to appear as a diva when he was never workable with a third movie in the first place.


Since 1998, girls all over the world have cheated the friendship of the four friends.

But in many frustrations, reality is not the same as in front of television cameras.

Earlier this year, Cattrall went hard to Sarah Jessica Parker in the social media. Actor "Samantha" argued that her former colleague took advantage of her tragedy to restore
his image.

After several claims to each other publicly, Cattrall finally published an Instagram site where he wrote the following:

"My mom asked me today" When will Sarah Jessica Parker, the hypocrite, leave me alone? "Your constant attempt to contact is a painful reminder of how bad you really are and is now. Let me make this very clear.
(If I have not already). You are not my family. You are not my friend. That's what I'm writing to tell you a last time to stop using our tragedy in an attempt to restore your "beautiful girl" personality. "

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