Saturday , May 15 2021

KRF leader in Rogaland regrets – NRK Rogaland – Local news, television and radio

15 blue and 1 red spokesperson traveled to Rogaland last Friday, although one in three councils council advocated the Council seeking co-operation on the left in politics.

The election of Vestlandsfylket was questioned. Today there is great disappointment.

"This was not a good process for the party. It was an open process and it was necessary, but now we are separated and caused some plagues," says Oddny Helen Turøy, head of the county at Rogaland KrF.

– We were badly prepared

If Rogaland had elected representatives like the other councils in the Danish KK, it could be quite even at the KrF national meeting in Gardermoen.

The county team has previously stated that they refuse to take responsibility for Hareide to go now.

– We were badly prepared. I'm sorry I contributed to this because it came unexpectedly to us, "he said after a member meeting in Rogaland KrF on Wednesday at TV2.

Turoy says he understands the minority who feels overtaken after the vote last Friday that ended 98 votes to seek co-operation with the current government and 90 to go left.

"I'm very sorry it happened," Turoy says.

He explains to the NTB that the decision taken in the prefecture's group followed the party's internal rules

Mind and frustration

Tonight the party gathered in Stavanger. According to Turoy, many of the members were clear in their criticism.

It will take time to germinate the wounds.

"We made some criticism and it was a piece that expressed both rage and frustration about what happened at our council meeting in Rogaland," says Turoy.

Following the disputed vote of representatives, many chose to leave the party.

It was not a big deal tonight.

"We are trying to focus on how to move forward and it was necessary to talk tonight. Several said they wanted to go to the party despite the terrible disappointment," he says.

Email did not arrive

Prior to the Rogaland County Council meeting convening the election of delegates, the party leadership encouraged the counties to elect delegations that reflect the council council meetings. But in Rogaland they say they did not see the e-mail they sent until the elections were decided. Haugesund KrF's proposal to have representative elections was rejected.

Knut-Arild Hareide has not even criticized the Rogaland process since the defeat was a fact. He showed that it depends on county council meetings to learn how to choose delegates.

– We'll go together now. This is important now, he told NRK after the loss of the party's election.

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