Khloé Kardashian: – Letter to the vile scandal: "It was lucky I was nine months on my way


In April, speculation and allegations that Cloe Cardassian, his girlfriend 34, basketball player Trisan Thomson, had spread in vain as a fire on dry grass.

Since then, both Kardashian and the rest of her famous family have been very silent about the scandal, but from night to morning Norwegian, the star of reality has sincerely spoken of the shocking news that has struck her embrace.

In the last episode of Kardashians' retention, the 34-year-old remembers how he knew about the scandal, how he was reacting, and especially why he chose Thompson to have birth a few days later.

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reactions: Thus, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters reacted when they heard of Tristan Thompson's alleged infidelity with Khloe Kardashian, just days before the birth of the first couple of the couple. Video: E! Entertainment / NTB Scanpix
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Common adultery news

In the light of the infidelity scandal, Kardashian was introduced to the maternity section only two days later, where the True Daughter was born.

The episode reveals she was the youngest sister at the age of 34, Kylie Jenner, 21, told the shocking news.

According to E! News, Jenner forwarded an article on the scandal.

"No one had the courage to tell Chloe because it was a few days away from birth. We did not want to stress it, but we knew it was the right thing, so I told Chloé that she admits a 21-year-old.

In the course of the new episode, Khloe Kardashian responded to various questions from the fans and while writing that he was impressed with how Kardashian handled the situation, the 34-year-old may reveal that he was outraged when he received the news.

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Thank you, my God, that there was no camera around me in Cleveland. I'm not going to write what I did, but let's say it was lucky I was nine months on my way, she writes.

– Glory, my heart beats. It's sick how feelings never lose. One can forgive, but forget it is never possible, he continues.

The star of reality also writes that it reacts strongly to the regaining of the shocking event and that it is almost furious to "relive" it. Many people wondered why Chloe Cardassian was known only a few days after the infidelity scandal that he chose to let Thompson take part in the birth of the Real.

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Focused on the true

In a bigger Twitter message, he wrote that he wanted a good birth experience.

"I wanted to have a good birth experience for myself and the memories I will share with True when it grows. I want to find videos and photos of her father where she holds it and so on. I want to know that she is my beloved and happiness. Babies feel energy, write, among others.

"We chose to put my emotions aside for birth and try to get as much energy as possible." It was the only thought when my daughter was born, and I must not let NIH change it, she writes.

In addition, the 34-year-old, who has openly sensitized her long-awaited children, has been expecting her to be a mother for many years. When looking back at the scandal, she is still overwhelmed that can happen to her. At the same time, he is very proud of how he handled the situation.

"Truth gave me the peace and strength I needed," he continues.

In front of the new episode, Kardashian wrote in a longer post at Instagram that it would be so inconvenient and emotional to see it.

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The episode tonight is an inconvenient and super emotional issue for me, but when we signed up for this show more than a decade ago, we signed for a real show, which meant bringing you guys in our lives, bad and bad. To relieve these moments again, it is incredibly difficult emotionally, but I also hope that with every trace, we will all learn from our travels and the curve of ball firing. In the difficult times, I became blessed with the supreme gift, my angel who changed my life in ways I could never imagine. The male to the other, and to other middle ages. Pain, joy, excitement, panic, stress are all temporary. Be grateful for the experiences that continue to build character, and to make you who you are.

A position shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian)

"When we entered this program a decade ago, we entered into a reality program that means to show you the inside of our lives, good, bad, ugly. Restoring these moments is incredibly difficult from an emotional point of view, but I hope that with every trace and every challenge that life gives us, we learn all our travels, write, among others.

"Through the difficult times, I was blessed with the absolute gift, my angel that changed my life in ways I could never imagine. Remember, you are never alone in pain, he continues.

In the field of commentaries, he is proud of the 34-year-old. With over 81.7 million fans at Instagram, many are impressed with how they tackled the scandal.

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