Thursday , March 4 2021

Government Withdraws Nursing Strike With Mandatory Salary Commission – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

Minister for Labor and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie (H) called the Norwegian Nursing Federations and the NHHO Department of Services and Trade at a meeting on the conflict in the care and care agreement at 15.30. This is stated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in a press release.

At the meeting, they will ask the parties whether they have something to offer and whether they will be able to reach an agreement. If the answer is not, according to NRK sources, it will be a compulsory salary committee.

The parties have notified NRK that they still maintain a stable position in their positions. In practice, this means that Anniken Hauglie will have to use forced payroll.

There will be a press conference at 15.45 with the Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, Anniken Hauglie, informs the ministry.

– Patients play games

"If this leads to correctness, the NHO has put the government in a weak position where seriously ill patients are stuck in a toy to prevent wage increases for nurses with lower pay in Norway," says the Norwegian Nursing Association Eli Gunhild City, NRK.

Eli Gunhild City
Photo: NRK

He believes that NHHO in this conflict has challenged employment rules in the workplace.

– Here are many things that are being disputed. The most serious is that the NHO has moved on to the exclusion of a reference in the health sector. When the NHO uses this drug, the rules of the game are set in a test we have never seen before, says By.

He tells NRK that the Nursing Association has little to give to the meeting with Labor Minister Anniken Hauglie this afternoon.

– The requirements we still have by law. We can not offer much in this respect, he says.

NRK has criticized the Hospital for Service and Trade. They will not respond to criticism.


If it had been blocked on Wednesday, it would mean that all 500 nurses who have been notified to cancel the site and covered by the agreement between NSF and NHO Service and Trade / Abelia can not go to work.

It includes nurses in 65 nursing homes, such as hospitals, patient hotels, ventilators, home care, rehabilitation, surgical departments and an emergency center.

Several institutions have shouted a warning about a lock. They think they will go beyond life and health.

Helsetilsynet has since the hospital club announced the blockade for New York City nurses investigating whether it would pose a threat to life and health. What the Norwegian Health Board has won is not yet known, but if the audit is clear in its conclusions, it was expected that the government would be in favor of a mandatory wage committee.

The NTB writes that the government is based on the health manager's estimates, as it now intervenes in the labor dispute with a mandatory remuneration committee.

Independent conflict

Nursing Strike began on October 25, when the Norwegian Nursing Society (NSF) and the NHHO and Trade Service failed to reach an agreement. Then there were 55 nurses in seven institutions.

The conflict between nurses and the NHO service has ceased since then, and on 15 November the NHO seriously threatened to block.

The parties disagree with the fees and principles.

Nurses require a minimum wage in private health care companies according to what they have in the municipal sector.

In her view, the NHO believes it will violate the Norwegian model if municipal sector collective agreements automatically lead to agreements in the private sector.

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