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(Nettavisen 🙂 Test: Mercedes G63 AMG

the good thing

Crazy much better than the predecessor in every way

An excess of energy that you are almost afraid of

One of the best off-roaders on the market

Top indoor space

A car with a very special character

The bad thing

Still not a sophisticated car

The sound system in our test car was worse than we used to be from Mercedes

The rear seat does not impress

Closing the doors always requires more energy than you think, so you should almost always try twice

This hard

Completely impossible to defend by reason

In 1990 there was a fairly important upgraded version of the Mercedes G-Class – commonly called Geländewagen, which was largely based on a car that started in 1979.

It is therefore a big milestone when Mercedes is now officially released as the second generation of one of the most iconic cars on the road.

You must of course look a little to see where optical the changes have come into effect. The new G-Class is obviously similar to the car it replaces. It still looks like a wheelchair.

But almost everything is new. The car is more than 5 cm longer, more than 12 cm wider and slightly higher. And the interior has created many, many, many notches from the previous generation. Now rely heavily on the same interior as you can find in the E-Class – and weight is also greatly reduced.

The only thing that is really recognizable is the incredible ripple when you close the car doors. There is no "soft shutdown" here and you have to use rough power to properly shut off fools.

Much, much better to drive

Running the previous generation G-Class was what he loved or hated. I must be honest to say that I have never become a fan: It was – and it felt like – an old off-road car. The steering wheel noise was straight forward, the steering wheel always had to turn much more than what it felt natural and the base did not show its best side on the normal road.

The new generation is something completely different. The most important thing is that the steering noise has become much better in the mass and you do not have to feel that you have to close an underwater door every time you enter a swing.

You are still in a very high car with a long distance, but the driving characteristics are just another world. It is not useful to describe them, it is like day and night. Drive a large SUV, not an old truck.

Sound insulation is also in a completely different category than before.

It is not said to be complicated because it is not at all. We are talking about a car that still rolls well in the corners, and it certainly has little to do when it comes to balancing the worst stupor on the road.

But on the other hand: there are not many other cars on the market that cut it off the road, blocking all three different – if you wish.

A completely absurd mobilization

Our test car is the rigorous version: AMG version with 4 biturbo V8 engine.

This is the same as the GLC 63S, but the G63 engine offers 585 horsepower and offers a torque of 850 Nm.

It is impossible to stress how absurd he feels. Because even if the car was significantly better than its predecessor, sitting high, you have a lot of weight – and the weight is high. 0-100 applies to paper in 4.5 seconds. We believe that.

In a kick-down, otherwise it boils a relatively good car with sound insulation while struggling to plant all the forces on the ground. It records speed in a way that you do not expect in a car that still looks 30 years old.

While sexual intercourse leads you, keep in mind that speed can not be taken with swings in full swing: you can get it pretty fast.

Once we mentioned a Mini Cooper S as a wild fly. The G63 is nothing like that. It's more like an angry nose attacking.

The result is that you are sitting with a very impressive off-roader with an acceleration from the world of wild sports car, but you get an X model that looks like the game. And then everything is filled with a quite luxurious interieur.

Some of the most politically incorrect ones you can find

It's not going to happen, except that the G63 is a car you like a bit. It's so crazy, crazy, brutal and frantic that brings some urine to you.

At the same time, there is a car that is as politically wrong as it can be. Make sure you sit down with a representative of the environmental movement and convince him that you are actually need This car uses dangerously close to two liters per mile for normal use.

It can not happen. But you quickly forget your sense of ignorance as you drive over the ecological, vegan, recycled bicycle – while your ears are filled with the most beautiful V8 sound that only AMG can produce. Of course, while Burmester makes the best to shine through the wall.

Of course, do this in a seated position that is not optimal because the child seat has little space on the backs – which is quite small for that purpose.

The rear seat is ok for most people, but you often have plenty of space in the front seats if you have large child seats.

It inspires a new generation

In relation to childcare tests, I got my third daughter in the garage, where she heard the noise of the engine.

Activate with sport mode. Under the window. Hostel with gas.

– More Daddy! More!

A little later we were back in the same position with a much more sensible 4-cylinder gasoline engine.

– Bring a little dad. Hang on!

Obviously he remembered what happened at the G63, so I tried to recreate the moment. Under the window. Hostel with sporting function. Hostel with gas.

– It does not bother you, Dad. It's boring.

It's a little sad thinking that it will grow up in a world of electric motors.

On the other hand, paying 2.5 million for this car is anyway away today. Cleaner air is a good substitute.

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