Workers find 1,000 human teeth in the building wall of the United States


Workers in a building in Georgia in the United States have only fired a wall that thousands of human teeth fall on them.

THE Valdosta Daily Times reported on the creepy hits, saying the workers opened the wall and had at least 1000 human teeth.

The building found out it was home to the dental office at the beginning of the 1900s, although this does not fully explain the discovery.

The discovery began at the beginning of the week when the workers set up a new commercial location in the city center.

The wall was on the second floor of the building.

At the beginning of the 1900s, a drug store on the first floor of the building was also found to have provided teeth whitening services.

Officials in town are now trying to figure out why hundreds of human beings are going to be inside the building wall.

A photograph of the toothpicks sent to Facebook was later viral because people could not believe the real story happened, especially so close to Halloween.


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