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Rugby League: Jarryd's Journey – The high and low levels of Hayne

Rugby League legend Phil Gould made a tough but prophetic call for Jarryd Hayne earlier this month as the star faced an uncertain future for the NRL.

Asked why he thinks Hayne would end up trying to make more money from the Parramatta eels – or an opposing club – Gould was emphatic. "Probably unhappy, upset, unfulfilled," he wrote on Twitter.

"At his best, it's a talent," Gould added. "It can surely win you games. 2009 was a long time ago."

The year Hayne emerged as the best player in the rugby league feels like a life before all since it has happened since then.

[[[[Read more: Disturbing details appear in the case of the sexual assault Jarryd Hayne]

It's not like his life was casual at this point – he was shot by an actor at Kings Cross last year – but you could fill up many books with the ups and downs of 30 years since then.

The latest low point – which sees Hayne facing up to two decades behind bars, if found guilty of a suspected 26-year-old sexual assault on the last big day – could be the last nail in the coffin of the code – career of hobby.

He was talented, ambitious and moral, born to a mom in a southwest housing supply in Sydney. But the Hayne plane flew very close to the sun and the golden child is in danger of going up in the smoke.

It was his unhappy entry into the famous tough, shocked heart of San Francisco 49ers which marked the start of a bitter fall of luck for one of Australia's most beloved athletes.


It is the second time she has created headlines in San Francisco since she left 49ers in 2016 when a woman in the mid-20s accused him of raping him in his apartment in December 2015.

Hayne unequivocally denied the allegations, which were investigated by the San José Police, but did not lead to accusations for lack of evidence.

The woman is now seeking compensation in a civil court, with a trial scheduled for 2020.

Current and former 49ers game brushes by law have provided regular fodder this decade to what was a hectic era for one of NFL's most graduated franchises.

Thirteen members of the group were arrested over a six-year period with allegations such as driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal possession of weapons, hitting and running, misbehavior, sexual accumulation, driving under control and vandalism.

Jarryd Hayne. Photo / Getty
Jarryd Hayne. Photo / Getty

Ray McDonald's defensive treatment was arrested after a suspicion of domestic abuse, as the police said his fierce fiancé showed "visible injuries" of sexual abuse. Charges decreased in April 2017 when the alleged victim exercised his legal right not to prosecute.

A Niners team lived all in the lush San Jose neighborhood of Silver Creek, a 15-minute drive from where Hayne lived in his season with the team. The police were called regularly to the wild parties late at night and the close-end Aldon Smith drove to a tree at 7am on Thursday.

"It's a rewarding venture," said the former general manager and the man who signed Hayne Trent Baalke.

"There are other moments when the character of a person coming to the NFL was sterling, but they end up being children who are in trouble.

"It's not always kids entering the championship with a knitting past that leave the championship with a knitting past. It may be the opposite."


Hayne's life was a tornado from California.

He played for Fiji's Rugby Sevens side in an attempt to reach the Rio Olympics, but lost the selection to the team that won a gold medal.

Shortly afterwards, he met Australian Amellia Bonnici, according to Instagram, and the couple began dating.

Hayne, reviving his NRL career with the Gold Coast Titans, was shocked when the 25-year-old announced very soon that he knew he was pregnant and was expecting his child by the end of the year.

He took her to the Gold Coast apartment and their daughter, Beliviah Ivy, was born in December 2016.

Next November Hayne confirmed that he would leave the Titans and return to Sydney for compassion to be closer to his girlfriend and child who lived in Forster near the family now.

According to information, he took a keen reward to return to his old club, Parramatta, hoping to lower his head and rebuild his reputation.

Eels had the hope that at least one other player could get from another club to match Hayne to the next year's salary limit.

"Because it is a police matter, the club will not comment on these reports," said Parramatta spokesman.

Hayne's spokesman, Wayne Beavis, chose not to comment on his contact with AAP after the allegations were made.

A double Dally M Medalist, Hayne is one of the biggest names in the NRL thanks largely to his magical run to help Parramatta in the big final of 2009. He has played 11 Tests for Australia and 23 States of Origins for NSW and scored 121 tests in 214 NRL games.

The season of 2018 was strongly completed, but with assumptions about defending two distinct continents – and rigorous conditions of warranty in relation to its categories in Australia – his playing days may be over.

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