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Howard took revenge for Sheldon for Season 7 Incident

Simon Helberg finally takes his revenge to Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), not even deliberately making it to the last The theory of the Big Bang episode. In general, Sheldon is not well-known for the welfare of others. He tends to look at his colleagues, to plague his friends and even his own wife. In short, it can make it very difficult to find him. But he has never faced anyone worse than Howard.

Howard's Sheldon's intimidating behavior has been going on for years. While he is already working with the idea of ​​being intellectually superior to everyone else in his life, he loves to double this issue when it comes to Howard – the only boys without a Ph.D. Although perhaps some of his peers have not reached the same academic level, in terms of actual achievements he is really the only one who has a robust CV, having worked at the International Space Station. Sure, she earns less than Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) but at this point she is also the only member of the team who has a good work and life balance.

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Nevertheless, Sheldon likes to cheat Howard with every opportunity she has. The stimulus from the 7th season did not actually start deliberately. Back in Season 7, "Thanksgiving", Bernadette's father, Mike (Casey Sander), spent the Thanksgiving day with the gang in Mrs. Wolowitz's home. They have never been able to connect with each other, Howard made the conscious effort to commit himself to his father. Considering that Howard grew up without a dad, he is not really so aware of the usual activities and things that father and son usually bind. It is not surprising that his plans quickly went south as he struggled to occupy football – something that Mike likes a lot.

To make things worse, Sheldon (who had given Howard a tough time throughout the episode) was easily linked to Mike, having grown up with a dad who is also a football coach. It was a clear coincidence, but she did not help Sheldon and even Mike went on to make fun not only to Howard but also to his mom. Bernie and Amy (Mayim Bialik) eventually returned to punish the drunken couple, forcing them to apologize for their inappropriate behavior.

The incident has been forgotten since then and was chalk-like as another of Sheldon and Howard's many conflicts. It was, however, revived the episode of his week The theory of the Big Bang, entitled "Deviation of Integration," when Sheldon's turn was to make his new father-in-law, Larry Fowler (Teller). Sheldon was planning to put Larry first before trying to charm Ammy's mom, Kathy Bates, who is much more scary. But, as expected, Sheldon (ignorant of the social signs) did not realize that Patriarch Fowler was unhappy throughout the time with him until the two found Howard in the comic book shop. There, Howard easily won Larry with a unique magic trick – obviously a post-joke, considering the roots of Taylor's Magar.

Throughout the episode, Larry continued to chase Howard to teach him his ways, really wanting to learn how to do it, to Sheldon's annoyance. Just before a few episodes, in The Imitation Perturbation, Sheldon mocked the magic tricks of Howard and said no one ever cared for them – words that have come back to bite him. Eventually, Sheldon chose to go to his mother-in-law in an attempt to connect with him. There, his plans were more fruitful as both himself and Mrs Fowler quickly settled into a loose relationship. But with Amy, who apparently plans to spend more time with her parents moving forward, it will be interesting to see if Sheldon and Larry ever get to commit themselves to each other.

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