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Auckland's football club withdraws support from the executive committee of NZ Football

A second regional federation withdrew its support for the New Zealand Football Executive Committee, as the Muir review phenomenon is still happening.

Auckland football president Bob Paterson described his board's position in a letter to the Executive Committee [ExCo] President Philip Barry last Thursday, a copy of which has been taken by Material.

"We have no confidence in ExCo's current membership to lead New Zealand football through the vital changeover that is needed in the coming months and years," he wrote.

"It is clear that under the leadership of today's ExCo … there have been serious failures in the crisis in recruiting and managing a positive work environment for staff and players."

* Feds low level of confidence
* No confidence in NZF ExCo
* The opportunity of the NZF for a new beginning
* The NZF President resigns

The criticism of lawyer Phillipa Muir about NZ Football's behavior and culture was extremely critical of ExCo's performance in the last few moments.

She found that "she was too" in her hands in her government over the last few years "and that" she had to get more information from the NZ Football Administration. " Half of the 22 public recommendations related to ExCo, which is made up of 10 members elected at the annual congresses of the governing body.

Lawyer Phillipa Muir condemns ExCo in her report, released in October.


Lawyer Phillipa Muir condemns ExCo in her report, released in October.

Northern Football was the first federation to withdraw its support for ExCo and to request an extraordinary conference, with President Aimee Barwick outlining the board's position in a letter to Barry on 23 October.

The presidents of the other six federations wrote to Barry on the same day, expressing "a low level of confidence" in ExCo but stopping to request an extraordinary conference "at this stage."

Auckland's football has since been split from this group, which included Waikato Bay of Plenty, Central, Capital, Continental and Southern Federation.

Patterson did not want to comment on Thursday.

In his letter, Auckland's football will support the organization of an extraordinary conference, "to ensure that we have a competent and credible ExCo that has a clear mandate to make key appointments and ensure successful fulfillment of all the recommendations of the review" .

Barry was indifferent, saying Material "the vast majority of members clearly stated they did not want to [an extraordinary congress]"He added he was not worried that other federations could follow Auckland's football to change their position.

Since the publication of the Muir review, two ExCo members have resigned – Deryck Shaw, who has been president since April 2015, and Jon Ormond, who was elected for the first time in May.

Deryck Shaw resigned as president of NZ Football in October.


Deryck Shaw resigned as president of NZ Football in October.

Barry was unanimously elected president until the next year's annual conference of the remaining eight members of ExCo, while Johanna Wood was elected vice president for the same period. ExCo has the authority to designate replacements for Ormond and Shaw, but has not yet done so.

New Zealand football has 11 members with voting rights – the seven regional federations, the professional footballers association, Wellington Phoenix, the national clubs of men's clubs as a collective body and the judges' club. Each federation has two votes, making a total of 18, which means 10 are invited to invite an extraordinary conference.

Patterson wrote that the Auckland football club had a "serious objection" to the recruitment process of a new CEO who started "under the supervision of the same government group responsible for the previous appointments that caused such issues."

Bary said Material had no reservation to initiate this process. He said that voting members were informed in advance that they would start.

"We have been without a CEO for several months. Our members have clearly told us that they want ExCo to continue working and this includes the appointment of a new CEO. "

Andrew Pragnell has served on a temporary basis since the beginning of August, following the sudden resignation of Andy Martin at the end of June, the week following Muir's review.

While Muir received "strong feedback" about Martin's behavior during his four years as CEO, he was limited to what he could say about the terms of his departure.

NZ Football began searching for a permanent replacement for Andy Martin, who resigned in June.


NZ Football began searching for a permanent replacement for Andy Martin, who resigned in June.


June 18 – 12 Football Ferns players and a former employee complained about the behavior of coach Andreas Heraf.

June 20 – An independent research into the environment of the soccer football team began.

June 29 – Director-General Andy Martin resigns.

July 6 – Lawyer Phillipa Muir is appointed as the leader of independent research. Its scope is expanded to examine the behavior and culture of NZ football more widely.

July 31 – Heraf resigns as Fern Ferns coach and technical director.

October 3 – Muir Review was released. Heraf found he was involved in "bullying behavior." ExCo found it was "very hands away".

Week 3 October – The ExCo member, Jon Ormond, resigns, calling Deryck Shaw "and possibly the council itself" to be unfounded.

October 12 – ExCo chairman Deryck Shaw resigns "to allow football to progress".

October 23 – The North Soccer Chair Aimee Barwick writes to ExCo without any confidence.

October 23 – Six other federal chairs write to ExCo expressing a "low level of confidence" but claiming "at this stage."

November 1 – Oakland Football Chairs, Bob Patterson, write to ExCo, who does not express trust.

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