Thursday , March 4 2021

The new consultation on the pension system fails, FNV is starting

Employers and trade unions have not reached agreement on a new pension system. The FNV trade union terminates the negotiations because it believes the government is not satisfactorily satisfying the demand for a slower increase in the state retirement age. The leader of LTO Calon came out first. He said he should note that FNV is not supported by its members.

"I think the Cabinet has gone a long way," he said. The leader of VNO-NCW De Boer said: "I have little hope, but it's broken now, I think it's very bad and I worry about it, I'm sad."

FNV Busker said: "I was extremely disappointed, we were not able to bridge the gap, we had great hopes of going out and wanting to do something good for our members." Busker said the FNV really tried to sit at the table to get structural solutions to the problems. "It seems we will not get out of this with this cabinet, we want a good pension and a good AOW system."

The negotiations were resumed at 8 pm at the Ministry of Social Affairs. The pension system is primarily an issue between employers and trade unions, but the government is also involved, so Prime Minister Rutte also participated in the consultation for the fourth time.

Adjustments to the age of AOW are an important issue in discussions. FNV does not want to increase the country's retirement age, as predicted, with life expectancy from 2022 onwards. The retirement age needs to grow much slower. Instead of one year, they should be increased by six months.

The Cabinet finds it very expensive. Leaving all of you retired months before,

Commit nothing

The government partly embraced the trade union, expressing its willingness to no longer link state retirement age to life expectancy. Although this will not be recorded in the national budget, because the bill costs billions. This would mean that the government should already keep money and reduce costs.

Instead, the pension agreement will state that the next office should be ambitious. FNV believes that this is a promise of nothing, and therefore finds that further discussion makes no sense.

A marathon meeting on pension reform was held last week. Rathe then said the negotiators "went to the hole". Rather it seemed that a pension agreement was possible after seven years of negotiations.

Due to the aging population, pension funds are facing problems: they have to pay more and receive less insurance premiums than they did before. As a result, retirement benefits have to be reduced or can not be increased by inflation.

It is not yet clear what parties will be trying to meet again on the table.

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