Monday , March 8 2021

The controversial Limburg doctor claims: “Slightly exaggerated statements” | Inland

Van Herten was interviewed by AT5 on Sunday during a previously banned anti-coronation demonstration at the Museumplein in Amsterdam. He said: “Do not be fooled, there is no one in the ICU. Doctors forge everything. They receive 20,000 euros for each patient. “The baseless allegations have provoked angry reactions, including from health workers. Dozens of people have lodged complaints with the Health Inspectorate (IGJ).

It is not clear from the part of the conversation that L1 has published to what extent the man also actually returns to his comments. He said in the interview that he “hurt people they did not deserve”. The man would have received threats. The ANP could not contact the doctor on Tuesday afternoon for an explanation.

Registration doctor

Van Herten is a homeopath. He is also officially registered as a doctor. IGJ started an investigation for him, because as a doctor he is not allowed to spread misinformation. A discussion is allowed, Inspector General Marina Eckenhausen told the NOS, “but it should not contribute to the spread of lies.” Eckenhausen spoke of “a blow to the face of all these professionals who are working day and night to fight the pandemic.”

The IGJ did not want to analyze the case on Tuesday. “We are involved in the investigation and do not want a media trial,” said a spokesman. He also referred to the rules of confidentiality that prevent the inspectorate from making statements regarding the ongoing investigations of individual doctors. It is not clear if Van Herten has already spoken to the IGJ. During his interview with L1, he wore a T-shirt with the inscription “Media = virus”.

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