Saturday , July 24 2021

Serious contagious horse sickness occurred in Hardenberg

A very contagious and deadly horse sickness has occurred at a location in Hardenberg, according to Sector Council Horses. A neurological form of "rhinopulmonemia" has been created, a disease that can also be transmitted to humans.

In Hardenberg, a horse is now euthanized, two other horses with the symptoms of the disease are stable. The other horses in the barn are not allowed to leave the area in the coming weeks. Also, horses from abroad can not enter the site.

Rhinopulmonary disease
Rhinopulmonary disease is a common disease in Europe, according to the council of the field. The infection is through the airways of the horses.

The disease is also transmitted to humans. The infection goes through clothes and hands. For example, people can get a cold sore.

Last week horse horseman Marijke Zomer-Kromkamp from Hengelo pleaded for RTV Oost for a telephone line. This benchmark should ensure that merchants, riding schools and horse stables no longer conceal the fact that there is a contagious disease in their company.

In the second part, Zomer-Kromkamp was supported by PVV. PVV Member of Parliament Dion Graus has already asked for a report.

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