Tuesday , November 24 2020

Secular Mourinho: "They have been insulted for ninety minutes." NOW

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho drew attention Tuesday after winning the Champions League duel with Juventus (1-2) challenged the crowd at home. According to the Portuguese, it was just a reaction to insults in his address.

After the final message, Mourinho entered the field, approached Juventus fans and brought his hand to his ear. He gave him angry reactions from the audience and from many Juventus players.

"If you understand Italian, you know I was offended for ninety minutes, so I reacted so," Mourinho said of his action.

"I should not have done it better and with a quiet head I would not do it but I felt deeply hurt by all these insults in my address and my family and I did not offend anyone but just made a gesture to tell the fans that I wanted to hear them a little louder ".

"Friends do not forget my past"

Mourinho was the target of Juventus supporters because in the past he was coach of the Internazionale fighter, with whom he won the Champions League in 2010.

For the Portuguese themselves, that was not a matter at all. "When I'm working for a club like United, I have to forget my past, especially during a contest," he said.

"I do not think I was coach of Inter, Real Madrid or Chelsea during the ninety minutes and I represent United, but the fans do not forget my past but I did my job."

"They have won by a top team"

Juventus took the lead in the second half with a good goal from former champion Krestiano Ronaldo, but Mourinho and Utd won the win with late goals from Juan Mata and Leonardo Bonduci (his own goals).

"I enjoy this victory because we have won by a top team, I am a professional and have great respect for Juventus, they can win everything and we have a team with relatively little experience in the Champions League."

In a draw, Juventus had won a ticket for the eighth final, although the Torino club is still in first place in Group H with nine points. United number two follows two points behind. Valencia (five) and Young Boys (one) complete the group.

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