Thursday , July 29 2021

PSV talent: "As it now seems, it's not really positive for me"

Armando Obispo is in the selection for the Dutch Youth Team for the first time. In PSV, the defender does not have much time to play. Obispo does not see this change so quickly, but has not thought of a possible lease.

Obispo calls "hard to appreciate" what he has to expect since his time on PSV. "As it now seems, it's not really positive for me, so I just have to be honest," he says in front of the camera. Omroep Brabant. "But I will continue to work very hard and hope that I can impose my position."

The defender says he has not received a temporary departure from coach Mark van Bommel. "No, I have not talked about it yet, so I'm playing on Jong PSV so far, I like the rhythm of the fight and this is the most important thing, but in winter we can see it again" .

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