"I think Lozano is working on a transfer" Football


"His quality makes goals and must be judged for that. If this period does not work, then everything looks a little awkward," Kieft writes in his column.

"I believe that coach Mark van Bommel exchanges Lozano because his return is not enough and he does not use it as a means of focusing the aggressor, and I do not believe in it at all, and Van Bommel has played football at the highest level. get a sharp one, maybe one time, maybe one time, but it works with the most counterproductive, "says the European champion of 1988.

Without rails

"Guios Hiddink did it with great respect, but after a change he was immediately without a trace for two weeks." Once he returned, he shot at four or five straight away, Romario was so good, possessed the qualities to close everyone and to lose Lozano, and in my opinion, he's busy with a transfer, everything seems so compelling. "

Read the entire column by Wim Kieft at De Telegraaf Extra on Saturday, February 23:


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